How to Avoid Losing Baby Shoes

Baby shoes do not tend to be necessary but they're cute and sweet and people like having them. Since baby doesn't have much of a concept of what the shoes are all about though, it's fairly easy to lose them when out shopping or visiting. This article provides some ideas for keeping the baby shoes, hopefully as a full pair!


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    Decide whether you really want to go to the expense and effort of providing your baby with shoes. Babies do not need shoes, so you can leave aside that concern. Socks do a great job of keeping baby warm and cozy if needed. If you do want shoes for aesthetic, warmth, or other reasons, it's fine but it's a good idea to buy inexpensive shoes. Or, you can sew your own.
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    Look for shoes that are more likely to stay on. Velcro ties are ideal, as they can be adjusted for fit but can remain snug and are hard for baby to undo. Be careful of getting any shoes which have dangly or loose bits, in case baby tries to chew them if she gets them off and near her mouth.
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    Write your cell phone number and surname on the inside of each shoe. That way, if one or both shoes come off when you don't notice, there is a higher chance of somebody making the effort to get them back to you.
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    Put bells on the shoes. Make sure that they cannot be chewed or pulled off, though. These can alert you if they fall off and you hear the bells ring. Be aware though, that you might miss the sound if you are in a crowded and noisy place, or you are distracted by something else.


  • On the upside, if you receive baby shoes that you don't like as a gift, it's always easy to say they "got lost" somewhere, allowing you to deposit them in the nearest charity box.


  • If your baby really hates wearing the shoes, and is always pulling them off, it's a good idea to heed the vivid advice.

Things You'll Need

  • Marker pen suitable for writing on shoe lining
  • Suitable shoes with decent tie-on capacity
  • Bells (optional)

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