How to Avoid Lolita Dressing Mistakes

Most of us have run into old ladies, young women, and even teenagers trying to recreate the Lolita look, whose outfits were more than funny. Maybe they were trying too hard to create that perfect outfit and ended up with all eyes on them - for all of the wrong reasons! This article will help you avoid those mistakes and help you create a proper Lolita look.


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    Avoid cheap, synthetic, and overdone lace. It makes you like a doily, not a Lolita. Wearing too much lace is often considered being a 'lace monster'. Lace should not be synthetic, scratchy, or uncomfortable to wear. If it is, it is not good quality.
    • Avoid dresses that have way too much lace. The lace will overwhelm the whole look and spoil it. Do not wear a lace dress paired with another print or lace item.
    • Avoid synthetic lace. It is not pretty, and is very obvious. Even if it doesn't seem that way to you, it will to others.
    • Have the lace in proportion with the dress. Smaller, petite lace is always the best option for the over-the-top Lolita fashion. This would create more overall balance to the look.
    • Avoid wearing dresses or skirts that contain ruffled lace on ruffled fabric.
    • Include corset lacing if you are wearing socks with lace. Make sure that the lace matches.
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    Avoid looking sloppy or awkward.
    • Check for neatly trimmed and arranged corset lacing. Sloppiness here will undo the whole look.
    • Be careful with collars. High collars don't look good a lot of the time and should be treated with care.
    • Graduate the color so as not to have an undefined look.
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    Avoid cheap dresses. Just as with the lace, you won't be doing yourself any favors by purchasing a cheap dress. Look for quality from the fabric to the adornments of lace, lacing, and ribbons.
    • Avoid buying fabrics such as crushed velvet, satin, or synthetic fabrics.
    • Instead, use cotton, organza, chiffon, and other natural fabrics.
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    • Be careful with colors and patterns. Combine them appropriately.
    • Avoid using too many conflicting colors, patterns, or prints together. Too much can make the entire outfit look too busy and displeasing to see. A tartan Punk Lolita Dress may not look good with horizontally striped socks, checkered shoes, and a polka dot purse.
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    Be careful where you buy Lolita clothing. If you buy it from an online auction, the quality may be poor unless the seller has an excellent, renowned reputation for Lolita dresses.
    • Never buy a dress that looks too shiny in the pictures or is designed to be a cosplay outfit. Read the descriptions of the product carefully to avoid being cheated.
    • Always read reviews that are both good and bad from multiple buyers.
    • Make sure that the picture is the seller's' own. If it has the logo or name of another seller, is missing a section, or missing a watermark, it was most likely stolen from another place. If the pictures look as if they were recolored or pasted onto another background, then the seller may be tricking you as well.
    • Make sure that your dress is made of the proper materials. Too-thin cotton, shiny satin fabric, excessive satin ribbon, excessive bad quality lace, and costume-like fabric are not quality Lolita dresses.
    • Never buy any outfit from a costume or Halloween store.
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    Be modest. Wear proper undergarments and don't show much skin. If the neckline is low, wear something underneath such as a blouse or a cutsew. If a skirt is too short, make sure that you wear bloomers and tights. However, avoid sheer tights or fishnets, which can be too "sexy" for some Lolita styles. In some styles, shorter skirts and sheer tights are fine, such as in Punk or Ero Lolita. Still, you should generally you need to be careful to avoid skirts that are more than two inches above the knee.
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    Avoid looking Ita Lolita. This look is also called "Cosplay Lolita" and refers to improper attempts to look like the Lolita style. It may take lovable items of Lolita such as bows, aforementioned lace, and frills and push them to the extreme, removing the classy image of the fashion. It may include misconceptions of the Lolita fashion style as well.
    • Don't wear leg warmers or ankle socks, and generally stay away from striped socks, unless you are doing a style such as Sailor or Punk Lolita. Lace is Lolita, and so are gloves, but lace gloves are not Lolita.
    • Stripper-esque stiletto heels, sneakers, and stompy goth boots are definitely no-nos.
    • Don't use bad quality costume wigs, or the stereotypical "goth" makeup of white foundation, heavy eyeliner, thick, dark eye shadow, and black lipstick.
    • Never wear cosplay outfits as Lolita. Chii's outfits, or Utauloid outfits may look like Lolita, but cosplay and Lolita are very different.
    • Never wear animal ears, tails, or maid-like dresses.

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