How to Avoid Life As a Pawn by Leading

The bigger your goals are, the bigger the challenges are to overcome as a leader to unroll your life as a scroll -- how? -- by fulfilling your dreams and goals, for your good and for others.

Do you ever tire of freedom? Probably everybody gets tired, but how could you coast or stand still in the game of life?

A pawn - "2. someone who is used or manipulated to further another person's purposes—Synonyms: puppet, tool, dupe."[1]

How can one avoid a droning sameness of existence. -- Imagine: that you draw your life's plans and prospects in a raffle or lottery, and everyone else would draw a life by chance, also. Then you would live that life whether you liked it or not. -- If you would not like that kind of chance in life, then appreciate your "opportunity" to do all you are able by your own plans. Here's how.


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    Avoid the distorted thought of following: do not use another person's goals and ambitions. Seek liberty for yourself and other people, or if you received life by a drawing, by chance, then would your life be expendable and probably lacking value?
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    Lead to help realize your dreams by pursuing them. It’s not too late to dream big.
    • Dreams can be started fresh -- or can be renovated.
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    Decide to explore new opportunities and your possibilities.
    • Whatever your calling in life, age or situation, there are unrealized possibilities that you can form from new dreams and plans to be lived-out.
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    Develop leadership skills, by valuing and supporting individual life and actions as personal opportunities. So, you can then appreciate your unique, personal value, and your fulfillment which centers upon finding opportunity for yourself and others to live fully by ones own plans based on a set of goals and ambitions.
    • Avoid being expendable by being different, not droning on the same as others. That means work-out your dreams, and goals.
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    Seek freedom defined as:
    1. Freed "to" act (and not freed "from" actions), example: "have freedom to believe in and seek your goals";
    2. Freed "for" a cause (and not freed "of" responsibility), example: "use freedom and make the effort to create your success or failure, by trying, striving for your goals such as betterment for you and others";
    3. Seek your own individual vision that fits your ambition and your own industriousness, example: "Take hold of freedom to decide with the freedom of choosing your own way."
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    Be competitive in personal and group efforts for success versus mediocrity as your decision without being condemned or restricted. Consider retiring later, if you wish, be productive longer; seek to compete and fulfill visions of personal self-fulfillment.
    • It is not too late, example: Colonel Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), was 62 years of age when he sold his first KFC franchise (he had worked for over 30 in his own, small chicken place). He sold KFC for millions of dollars at age 74, AND lived to be 90!
    • Break from family and friends ways, if they have failed to show you better ways and have even dragged your ideas down until now. You may have been discouraged from dreaming; or acting in your own upward mobility and expecting that for your family: some may be accused of acting like you are better than others of your people.
    • Move-on, in upward mobility. If some resent the fact that you now want to move up or to do something significant with your life, so what. Or, maybe they were trying to protect you from pain or disappointment, but still you’ve been discouraged from living your dream.
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    Get education and training: Support your dream for your way of life. Choose your education and career to have upward mobility in the next generations of your family and cheer your neighbors to "live well in freedom."
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    Consider promoting or criticizing political officials, candidates or parties, if you wish. Support or oppose a political official, candidate or system.
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    Cooperate to help fulfill others pursuits as well as help your own: but do not be neutral or compromising your opportunities. Live your life creatively, not formless, amorphous life, but unique.
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    Work individually beyond group boundaries which are necessary as long as there are differences among individuals who will set some borders and bounds to protect one's personal prerogatives to freedom.
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    Make your own life's career, and live firsthand not vicariously. Write your own diary, avoid merely being a book-worm (like reading another person's diary): seek to be free in the domain of personal beliefs, ambitions, family, property, places and things.
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    Expect different ideals and differing results for different folks, so seek what you prefer to be, not what an aptitude test or counselor reveals or indicates. Do not depend on testing or opinions to reveal who you are, or what you can be, should be, or must be. Understand your abilities and aptitudes, but consider what actually interests you and worked into what fits your opportunities. Make it work.


  • Ideals may guide you and free you to fulfill your needs according to those ideals.
  • Individual goals create freedom and competition, so get your education and strive to better yourself and family.


  • Do not try to fit into a job description or of a type--influenced by statistical inference.
  • Avoid philosophies that suggest being assigned for retraining (on farms, in mines or subordination in groupings) which may be to level the "terrain" by lowering the need to strive or to excel in your own view.

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