How to Avoid Injury on a Mountain Board

If you have a mountain board, you probably know how scary it is to fly down a mountain, with the constant worry of extreme injury possibilities on your mind. It's true, mountain boarding can be quite dangerous. Follow these safety cautions and tips, and you will feel a little safer while skidding down a cliff.


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    Make sure you have the proper equipment before you even get on your board . You will be thanking yourself for taking these necessary precautions when you're rolling down a hill. The following equipment is completely necessary in order to stay safe mountain boarding:helmet that fits, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves (baseball gloves work well), pants and long sleeve shirt, mouth guard (May be needed, depending on the type of terrain you will be on), supervision by a friend, family member, etc., A cell phone (You may not need this if you have someone's supervision, but if you are alone, this is good to have for when you need to call the Emergency Services because you lost your leg somewhere coming down the hill)
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    Make sure your mountain board is put together correctly Okay, we all know its dangerous enough without a wheel popping off in the middle of a jump. Make sure your board is put together correctly, all screws are tightened, wheels are put on correctly, etc. Call the manufacturer if some part of your board seems to be missing, and do not ride your board until its fixed.
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    Learn how to mountain board You might want to look up how to mountain board online, just to get some reassurance. It's just like skate boarding or snowboarding on dirt. If you are good at either one of these, mountain boarding will be much easier for you. If it's your first time, start out small. Don't try to go down the Grand Canyon at first. It's a little scary even for people who are good at it. Start out small, and most importantly, learn how to stop before taking it down a mountain, which brings us to the next step.
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    Learn how to Stop This is a very important step because one of the most important ways to avoid injury when mountain boarding is knowing how to stop. It would be an excellent idea to invest in a mountain board hand-brake that you simply squeeze to stop. These are priced fairly well, and you can find them on online shopping stores. If you do not have a hand-brake at the moment, that is fine. To stop without a hand-brake, slip your back foot carefully out of the pocket and drag it on the ground while still keeping your balance. Take big steps with your back foot and you will begin to slow down.
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    Follow these tips, and hopefully you will have a safe, fun, mountain boarding experience.


  • Be careful.
  • If you fall, tuck your head in to avoid brain damage.


  • Don't mountain board at night.
  • Never mountain board alone. Always board with a buddy or under supervision.
  • Mountain boarding can be extremely dangerous. Broken bones, blood loss, and in some cases, death may occur.

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