How to Avoid Getting Your Free Forum Deleted

It is the in thing to create your own free forum with free forum hosting sites like Pro Boards and Forumotion. The idea of having your own forum,where you are the admin and can write what you want. And discuss things with friends and readers is very attractive.

But free forum hosting services are a lot stricter than free blogging services. And if you do anything to violate their terms of service, TOS, they can delete your forum. And there is nothing you can do about it. But here is how to avoid getting your forum deleted.


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    Read the terms of service (TOS) very carefully, then you understand what is allowed and what's not.
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    If the free forum service has a help forum,read it. A lot of free forum services have their own help forum where you can ask questions regarding your forum. And get help if you have a problem with your forum. And it is there you can get an idea if the free forum service has deleted or suspended a lot of forums,for no real reason.
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    If your forum is about Windows, Linux or computer software, ask on the help forum if you are allowed to post download links to your files on file sharing sites like MediaFire and others like it. Many free forums services do not allow this. Not even if they are your own files that you own. So if they say it is against their terms of service then you CANNOT DO IT. And you will also have to tell your members not to post links to their files on Mediafire.
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    Do not write any offensive content. That is no forums that contain nudity or porn or other hate content. And do not post links on your forum to offensive content. And do not let your members do it either. Or they will delete your forum.
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    If you want to do something on your forum and you are not sure if it is allowed or noted ASK in the help forums first. That way you have covered yourself and can avoid breaking their terms of service. And avoid getting your forum suspended or deleted.
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    Some other subjects are not allowed on free forum hosting sites. For example if you want to create a political forum about support for a political group they do not approve of. Or if you want to create a forum about gaming, be careful. Because a lot of free forum hosting services do not allow this. And they will delete your forum. So if you want to write about these topics,a free blog on a service like WordPress might be better. As the free blogging services are not so strict as the free forum hosting services. And most free blogging services will never delete or suspend your blog,unless in unless you do something very bad.
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    Even if you host on your own domain name,custom URL,that you have bought through the free forum hosting service,you are still subject to their terms of service. Hosting your forum on your own custom URL for example "" just means that you have bought your domain name from the free forum hosting site. But they are still hosting your forum for you,the same as they are when you are hosting your forum on their domain name. So all you have paid for is your own website name and a few perks like disable adverts,nothing else. But you are still subject to all of their terms of service. And they will suspend or delete your forum if you violate their terms of service.
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    Bear in mind,if you are hosting on a free forum site even on a your own custom URL that you bought through them. That you do not have full control over your forum. This is because you are still hosting your forum through them and using their servers,custom URL or not. And they can still suspend and delete your forum any time if they want to.


  • Think before you start a free forum. There a lot of restrictions on free forum hosting sites. And you are restricted in what you can do. If you want to create a forum that involves sharing videos or software files,a lot of free forum services won't let you do this. And there are other things you may want to do, but may not be allowed to do. So if you want to do those things it is pointless creating a free forum, if you cannot do what you want. So it may be worth thinking about hosting your forum yourself through a paid host or on on your own FTP server. Then nobody can tell you what to do. And you have full control over your forum.
  • Stick to the terms of service,TOS. Even though it is your forum and you are the admin and owner of it. You are still using their site and services to host your forum. So that does give you the right to do what you want if it is against their rules.
  • Have a look at the free forum hosting service first. That way you can find out if they are the right service for you.


  • The only way your forum is safe is if you host it yourself. Either on your own server or though a paid web host. Then you are your own boss and no one can tell you what to do. And you will always have your forum. And no one can take your forum away from you or delete it except you.
  • Also if the forum hosting service closes down then so does your forum.
  • Even if you follow the terms of service your forum may still be deleted. You have no control over this. This is also true if you are hosting on a domain you bought through them. As it is their service,they can do what they like.

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