How to Avoid Getting Kicked or Banned From the wikiHow IRC Channel

While the #wikiHow channel is used for chatting about wikiHow topics, questions, and assistance, conversations usually go off topic. In any environment, positive behavior and actions are expected. To create a good chatting time for everyone, there are ways to avoid being kicked or banned from #wikihow.


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    Act mature. Most arguments start out or are created because of immature actions or sayings. If you believe that people won't take it as a joke or the wrong way, then re-think about it before typing. If you have something negative to retort with, say it in person (to the computer); don't take the time out to type it. If you can't handle the situation, part or quit the chat room or ask an administrator to handle it.
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    Read the IRC guidelines. These guidelines are not mandatory to be enforced on people, but are encouraged to know and use while chatting with others. The main pointers are in bold, such as User IDs (the nickname you log in with), participation etiquette, and warning/kick notes.
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    Know that #wikihow allows multiple languages. Because the site is international, anyone is allowed to use a non-English language (Spanish, French, German, etc) in a positive way. However, any language that contains profanity towards another person will get kicked or banned, depending on the content. Please do not tell people not to use foreign words because you can't understand. Instead, ask them nicely for a translation or search for an online translator.
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    Avoid trolling. Trolling is one of the top reasons why people get kicked or banned from the channel. It's defined as unnecessary off topic chat with the intention of harassing people or disruption of a normal conversation[1]. The "troll" feeds off the negative comments towards them to gain attention and to grow "stronger".
    • "Stop" means stop. Many times, people are told to stop because they're repeating themselves, in an argument, or being repetitive with unnecessary random sayings or actions. Ignoring this will get you silenced and/or kicked. If the behavior does not change, a short ban may be placed.
    • Don't abuse bots. Bots are in the channel for the convenient wikiHow links, recent changes patrol, and other numerous scripts. Please don't overuse the bot or type in bot commands for fun. Overusing it (spamming) will make it unavailable and unusable for others.
    • The more people that are involved in an argument, the worse it gets. This reflects on an in real life fight. If there are two people [physically fighting, you wouldn't jump in for knowing what it's like to be hit. Online arguments are similar: if you say the wrong thing, you may be seen as part of the argument, thus, also receiving consequences. The best thing to do is ignore the argument and report it to an op.
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    Leave negative moods and boredom out. You need to understand that chat rooms are places that people come to enjoy chatting with other people. It's not a place to rant or to use your bad mood for the day against people. It's also not a boredom killer. If you feel out of touch, mad, bored, etc, please don't ruin the fun for others. Take a break from IRC and come back when you are in the chatting mood.
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    Have profanity "manners". Many users in IRC use abbreviations or internet lingo, however, there are rules and guidelines about using profanity in #wikihow. Paragraph from the IRC wikiHow Policy:

"Use common sense - if it offends somebody, cease using it. If it is an abbreviation that is commonly invoked in a light-hearted manner and is inoffensive, it may be okay depending on the context, time of day and makeup of participants. If someone tells you they are offended, this is a pretty good indication to stop. If in doubt, leave it out."


  • If you are banned from the channel, please understand that bans are to learn from the mistakes and the reason(s) why the action took place.
  • Most channel operators in #wikihow are current administrators of wikiHow. However, not all admins come into the chat room.
  • Please know that anyone is welcome to share an external link, such as a YouTube video or something they came across on the Internet. But it is to the individual to click on links. Don't force anyone to see what the link is or pasting links over and over.


  • Any ban circumvention (change in IP, using another client, etc) will result in your ban being extended.

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