How to Avoid Getting Expelled from School

Getting expelled from school can have lasting consequences. It could affect your plans for future education and your career plans. Expulsion can be the start of a slippery slope into becoming the type of person no one plans on being....Here is how to not get expelled from school.


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    Do your school work, in class and at home. You won't be expelled just for not handing in a couple of assignments on time but consistently not doing the work you are given will lead to trouble. If you find your schoolwork too hard or too easy, talk to someone, your year tutor, the head of department or your favorite teacher. Teachers always want to help pupils who want to learn. If you are close to being expelled or have already been suspended or had a lot of detentions, all because you are too challenged by the work or not challenged enough, you must be brave and say something
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    Avoid distractions in the classroom. If someone tries to talk to you when the teacher has asked for quiet, try ignoring them. If this doesn't work, then consider telling them to not talk to you. Don't do other work than the current class assignment. Don't gaze out of the window, daydream or doodle. Listening to your teacher will help you understand the subject and complete the work.
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    Follow the school's rules. All schools have their own rules. Some of them can be strict. Figure out what you are doing, making sure you are not violating the rules. Playing truant, not sticking to the school dress code, bullying, bringing banned items to school, behaving aggressively, skipping lessons and time keeping are all behaviors that could get you expelled. Stick to the school rules about these things in particular.
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    Don't get involved in fights or acts of aggression. If you see a fight happening, do not engage in it. Just continue to where you are going. If it looks like bullying, two kids on one or an older kid on a younger one, tell a member of staff.
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    Be calm in school. Don't get aggressive in any way whatsoever, as aggression can sometimes lead to violence. Violent outbursts of aggression such as breaking windows or throwing chairs may get you expelled.
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    Report the inappropriate behavior of others. Some people believe that if you stand by doing nothing when someone else is doing wrong, you are just as guilty as they are. If you are reporting a bully (or bullies) to the staff, do not be a tattletale and exaggerate anything or make up stories. Tell the truth when reporting incidents, you may not be believed if you have lied in the past, so always be honest.
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    Be nice. Someone nice is usually more appreciated than someone who is not. Try to be a pleasure to teach, without being a teacher's pet if possible and your chances of getting expelled will be next to zero.
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    Don't allow any situation to escalate to the point where you, or others, are at risk of injury or death. This may result in you being expelled quickly. This includes fighting, play fighting and risky behavior such as climbing or playing chicken. Think about what could happen before you agree to any sort of dare. Things involving heights, fire, deep water, pressurized containers etc can get out of hand very quickly.
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    Don't vandalize the school buildings or property. Vandalizing the school may result in you being expelled, if the school finds out it is you behind the vandalism. Be respectful of the things that are in place to give you a chance of a good education. Don't tear pages out of books, carve your name into your desk, smash windows or 'tag'.
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    Try to control your emotions in school. School can be frustrating, upsetting, aggravating, annoying and generally not a great experience for some, especially those whose home life is challenging too. Ask for help in school if things are hard at home. Talk to the school nurse if you feel uncomfortable talking to your teachers. If you are angry, try to calm down. Anger may result in aggression.
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    Be mature. Infantile behavior is only appropriate for infants. Use the bathroom as the bathroom. Using the hallway as the bathroom may make the staff very angry unless you have a genuine medical problem that means you have issues with using a bathroom. Make sure staff in school are aware of any special situations you have. If you are diabetic for example, you may need to eat in class. Eating in class is probably against school rules, but your teachers will make allowances for you if they know. Don't get into trouble for anything that isn't your fault and expelling you will be the last thing on your head teacher's mind.
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    Consider extra responsibility a privilege, and not a chore. If aiding for a teacher (aiding means assisting (some schools allow students to help teachers)), stop any breaking of the rules. For example, if there are students fighting, your intervention skills will be needed. Don't put yourself at risk breaking up fights.
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    Be civil and respectful around school generally. When school ends, don't bash out the door like you are happy and cheering. Just be calm like the other students and walk calmly out the door.


  • If any of this advice gets you expelled from school, make sure you get home in time to unplug your cable phones plug. Don't plug it out completely, but make sure it is far enough that the phone does not work. Your parents will not notice a thing. Though this is not recommended, you should hopefully not get in trouble (for a while anyway). Remember your parents will find out soon enough and only be more upset that you tried to conceal your expulsion from them.


  • Be careful on how you approach other students. You may be reported to the school's staff if you approach the other students inappropriately. You also may be expelled if you bully.

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