How to Avoid Getting Blocked on wikiHow

wikiHow is a collaborative how-to manual where editors work together to reach a mission. Blocking is used as a very last resort whenever someone's behavior reaches the point of disruption, and warnings and friendly communication have failed to work. You can easily avoid being blocked on the site, though, by following several simple steps:


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    Stay calm and maintain a friendly attitude. Assume good faith whether you are giving or receiving a warning.
    • It may be a simple misunderstanding.
    • Someone's interpretation may be different from your intention.
    • A courteous and logical explanation may be all that is needed.
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    Reply to the editor that gave you the warning. Remain civil and polite. Apologize sincerely. Ask for a link to the edit in question and clarify any misunderstandings. Explain that you would like to fix your error to help avoid future mistakes.
    • Stand up for yourself if given a warning unnecessarily.
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    Read the articles in the Help category.
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    Obey the community policies. We do not have so many policies that wikiHow is not a fun place to participate, but we do have policies in order to keep the website in order.
    • Note that talk pages are mainly for collaboration and discussion on the articles; excessive chatting about non-wikiHow topics creates a lot of extra work for our volunteers.
    • Edit in good faith; vandalism is not funny, neither is it accepted.
    • Avoid engaging in any sort of spamming, whether it be adding spam to articles or spamming talk pages.
    • Avoid trolling in articles, or on talk pages as well.
    • Note that according to COPPA law, you must be 13 or older to create an account unless you have a parent fill out this form and send it to us. If you state your age as under 13 anywhere on wikiHow, your account will be immediately blocked.
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    Be polite, and try to create a good atmosphere. Helping new users, patrolling and add images.
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    Engage in the community. Try out different tools to contribute constructively and help improve wikiHow.
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    If you get a {{test}} or {{warning}}, apologize sincerely and take the feedback with humility.


  • Contact the Help Team for further assistance.
  • Avoid using inappropriate usernames and reply to any messages that indicate that your username is inappropriate. If your username is against policy, contact Anna or fill out this form.


  • If somebody reports you on the Administrator Notice Board, removing the report makes it more likely that you will be blocked due to vandalism.

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