How to Avoid Fighting Darth Malak on the Star Forge in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This article will help you conclude the award-winning game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by bypassing the final duel with Darth Malak. Before you try this, it is highly recommended you fight the final duel normally.


  1. 1
    When you are in the Viewing Platform level of the Star Forge, do not open the door to the main room.
  2. 2
    Save the game.
  3. 3
    Enter the cheat 'dancedancemalak'.
  4. 4
    If you are using an XBox, with both controllers, one in the 1st player slot and another in the 4th player slot, pull both triggers (both left and right) and tap the Y button.
  5. 5
    Open the door, walk up to Darth Malak, and if done correctly, you have just avoided the final fight with Malak.


  • If the steps above do not work, then you will end up fighting Darth Malak. If this happens and you would like to avoid that, just reload the game at the last save game created.


  • As stated before, it is highly recommended you finish this game normally before performing this Easter egg.
  • If done incorrectly, you will end up with a high or low-pitched voice for the rest of the game, and sadly there is no space or time allotted to change the voice back to normal.

Things You'll Need

  • Xbox
  • A Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game disc.
  • 2 Xbox controllers (one in the 1st player slot, the other in the 4th player slot.)
  • Two people (You, to hold the 1st controller, and a friend, to hold the other controller.)

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