How to Avoid Falling in Love

Love is an inevitable feeling. But, sometimes it's necessary to have control on ourselves for various reasons, on falling in love.This article is intended for girls of all ages. The change won't come as a miracle. You have to take the initiative to do so. This process will require a lot of discipline, and a few heartbreaks under your belt, to have the motivation to stop love in its tracks. But it is doable. Maybe not healthy, but then, neither is falling in love with every guy that shows you the least bit of attention.


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    Breathe. You might feel very nervous or giddy while talking to him or thinking about him. All you need to do now is to calm down.It will pass.
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    Realize that you're falling in love. When you feel that you're refreshing your email waiting for him to respond, or you must wear makeup when you see him, it's sure that you like him. The first step is admitting that you have a problem.
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    Give yourself some space. Do not obsessively email or text him. Try to maintain the distance from him.
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    Engage yourself in other activities. Try to distract yourself from thinking about him by trying out different activities. Below are some suggestions:
    • Read a book. Try out new genre of books, like adventure or horror. Don't opt out for love stories since they might remind you of him.
    • Pick up a hobby. Try to inculcate any hobby as you wish.
    • Go swimming! Water calms you down and gives you a heavenly feel.
    • Watch a movie. Try comedy films which tickle your bones.
    • Work-out. For exercise-lovers, this could be a nice remedy. Try to do mild and moderate exercises.
    • Cooking! The sweet fragrance of food will surely distract you.
    • Get a massage. You'll feel very relaxed.
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    Self Deception. It might be a bit difficult but very important. Convince yourself that you don't care and that he's just a friend.The more you ignore him, the easier it is.
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    Tell a friend. Talk to someone about it. They'll understand better your emotional state and your motivations, and you can have a shoulder to cry on when you get drunk and weepy.
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    Know that it will pass. All have had crushes on people long back, but they don't do now. As time goes, the feeling will also go away.


  • Don't base your happiness on him...look for other things in your life that made you happy when you never knew him!
  • Don't make "finding a guy" your life goal. You can be complete without someone, so don't go looking for love just because you're lonely. Let it happen naturally, and if it doesn't, that's okay, too.
  • Don't assume he feels like you feel.
  • If he randomly pops into your head in the middle of the day, just distract yourself. Try reading, listening to music, etc.
  • Try to go a long time without contacting him (a few days.)
  • High standards tend to weed out the crowd of unsuitable men.


  • Don't go through his Facebook/Myspace pictures. When you start to get all giggly and think "He's so cute" and all that stuff, you're just conditioning yourself to love him, and you're getting used to that feeling when you see him. Stop it.
  • Don't think about him when you go to sleep. If you've been sleeping alone for a while, it's normal to kind of invent someone to snuggle.
  • Don't give in and tell him you love him if he hasn't shown any signs of liking you!

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