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Always dropping your phone because you have fumble fingers? Dropped phones are susceptible to damage, breakage and cosmetic deterioration. If you find that this is a constant issue for you, it's time to take charge and rescue that poor phone of yours from any further mishaps.


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    Pay attention as to where you place your phone. Put it down on a solid surface away from edges, away from liquids and foods and away from curious kids and pets. The placement of the phone is one key way to ensure that it won't get knocked onto the floor from a height or end up dropping it into something on the surface that it shouldn't be put in, such as food or drink.
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    Be careful where you use the phone. If you're distracted and trying to do two things at once, there is a greater chance that you'll drop the phone to keep doing the other task. For example, driving while talking on the phone (illegal in many places) reduces your attention span greatly, and makes it easier for you to drop the phone to hold the steering wheel or pay attention to the road. You might even be unfortunate enough to drop the phone into your cup of coffee...
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    Stay off the toilet when using your phone. Not only is it a sign of disrespect to the caller on the end to be doing your business while talking on the phone but there is an increased risk of dropping the phone into the toilet. Just gross.
    • Same goes for taking a bath, just don't bathe and phone.
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    Put a durable and non-slip cover over the phone. A non-slip cover helps you to keep good hold of your phone, even during temperature extremes. Moreover, should the phone be dropped accidentally, the cover serves as a form of protection for the phone.
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    Train yourself to get into the good habit of putting the phone back after each call. Whether it goes back into a pocket, a bag or somewhere else, do this without fail each time. Don't hold onto it or put it in a different place than its usual storage spot. In this way, you'll be less likely to drop it and more likely to rely on muscle memory to slip it back into its safe holding place.
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    Recharge the phone in a safe and secure spot. Any person, animal or object that could cause the phone to fall by knocking, swiping, pulling or bumping against must be accounted for when selecting the charging spot at home and in the office. Place the recharging device well away from areas where people walk by, away from piles of paper and away from curious kids and pets. Also be sure to keep the cord tucked away tidily, so that it can't be pulled or tripped over, potentially dragging your phone down.


  • Ensure that where the phone is stored is secure and not likely to cause the phone to tip out. For example, a slippery pocket might not be the best location to store the phone.
  • Train yourself to not drop the phone. It's a bad habit and absent-minded one when you find yourself dropping it a lot.


  • If you have a medical condition or disease that causes you to shake or tremble often, that makes it difficult for you to hold the phone, and so forth, then it might be worth considering both a strong protective cover for the phone and some sort of corded attachment from your clothing to the phone that helps you to grab the phone back before it hits the floor or hard surface.

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