How to Avoid Damaging Your Nails

Care about your nails? Great! Here's how to take care of your little keratin buddies.


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    Keep your nails moisturized. Winter is harsh on hair, skin and nails. Use cuticle oil and any reputed moisturizing lotion.
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    Don't polish nails repeatedly. Polish is strong chemical wise. Nail polish remover is worse, because it contains acetone. Acetone is the main reason for drying out nails.
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    Don't leave on polish for more than one week. This can discolor your nails.[citation needed] The darker the polish, the less time it should spend on your nails.[citation needed] Once your nails are discolored, you must allow the discolored part to grow out, then cut it off.
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    Wear gloves when washing dishes. Dish soap has harsh chemicals that fight off lingering food particles and dry out your nails.[citation needed] The water dries them out, and the soap damages them.[citation needed] Wear gloves to protect them.
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    Use gel manicures only occasionally. These are one of the most harshest things for your nails. The long lasting chemicals in the polish can damage your cuticles, which in turn damages your nails.
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    Avoid picking at your polish. Once nail polish starts to peel off, you may be tempted to pick it off. Nail polish is so thin, that it is hard to pick it off without taking off layers of your nails. This can cause peeling nails.
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    Stop biting your nails. Nail biting can damage your nail beds, which can allow fungus in. Once you get a nail fungus, its very unsightly and hard to hide. Not to mention the fact that your nail beds will be damaged more than you think.
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    Avoid using your nails as tools. Ever tried to get that clamshell packaging open? You probably used your nails in a pinch. This isn't good! This can cause your nails to break off, which exposes the upper and inner layers of the nails. This makes the nails chip off further or peel, and they are both very unsightly.


  • Don't live off coffee and tea.[citation needed]
  • Don't stay in the bath too long, warm water affects the nails and makes them brittle and dry out quicker. This may cause them to split easily.
  • Eat a healthy diet of proteins such as beans and meat.[citation needed] A poor diet means poor health and you will see results of this on your skin and nails.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables. They contain the vitamins and minerals your bodies require and a lack in these will show in your nail strength and overall image.

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