How to Avoid Conversation on Public Transportation

Not in the mood to talk with strangers? If you answered yes you have come to the right place. This article will teach you how to avoid conversation with chatty strangers.


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    Bring your MP3 player or iPod and place ear phones on head before boarding the bus or train. (Disc-man or Walk-man will suffice as well.)If you don't have a music player, earphones with the end of the cable tucked into your pocket should work just as well.
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    Sit down and immediately put your head down and close your eyes as if you wish you were cozy in bed. Most other passengers get the picture.
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    Bring reading material. Some ideas include: newspapers, magazines, novels, notes from school.
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    Start texting people, or if you don't really want to text anyone, just get your cell phone out and pretend you are busily texting.
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    Head for an area of the bus/train that has the fewest seats filled. Fewer people means less chance of someone trying to make conversation! That's just common sense.
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    Say "I'm not allowed to talk to strangers" if you are under 15. It just might work.
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    Bring something to keep yourself engrossed such as a handheld games console.
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    If someone does try to talk to you, seem uninterested or tell them your throat is sore and you don't want to irritate it by talking.
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    If they start asking questions, be brief answering them and turn your head toward them without making eye contact. When they aren't talking and you're not answering, don't look at them - just look at your feet or your lap.
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    Pretend that you do not speak a word of English. Example: If someone is asking you which bus to take to the passenger's destination, have a confused look on you face, meaning 'Sorry, I don't speak english.' The passenger may get the point that you are from a foreign country and that you don't speak English well and you're visiting the country to visit family or friends.


  • Always be polite, even if the other person is too chatty.
  • If you are riding with a friend, try talking to them, if it's only the awkwardness/annoyance of people talking to you that you want to avoid.
  • Step #1 works best.


  • Always be alert of your personal belongings. Some of these tips may cause you to become distracted.
  • Remember - Don't be mean to people.
  • If you're impolite you may hurt the person's feelings or even endanger yourself.
  • These methods are not 100% guaranteed. Some people just love to chat, beware!

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