How to Avoid Clashes Regarding Your Baby's Name

Your journey to becoming a parent is extremely enriching, both mentally and emotionally. You and your partner together enjoy all the beautiful moments of pregnancy, right from watching the first ultrasound images of your baby at the clinic to indulging in a delicious ice-cream sundae, curled up in a blanket at midnight. As you two walk this path hand-in-hand, you see your bond strengthen and eagerly await the arrival of your little bundle of joy. When it’s time to choose the perfect name for your baby, you’re certain that your partner will share the same opinion as you, but to your surprise, you two end up in heated debates. Disagreements regarding the baby’s name are common amongst many expectant parents. They can however be avoided if the situation is handled tactfully with these simple steps.


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    Agree on how you want your baby's name to be perceived. Before you or your partner begin suggesting the name options, make sure you both are clear on the kind of image you want the name to embody. Do you want a powerful name or one that’s peaceful? Are you more inclined on a classic name or an exotic name is what suits your fancy? Get answers to these questions before you begin your research.
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    Do your research. Avoid limiting yourselves to the few names that you and your partner may have come across in your lives. Be open to names from different ethnicities and cultures and see if any of them catch your attention. Make sure however, that these names are not hard to spell or pronounce. With a huge online database of potential baby names at your disposal, your quest to find the right name for your baby is not as hard as you thought.
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    Create a list of potential names. Once you have done a research, you and your partner can make two separate lists with your individual favorites. It also helps to list down the names that you don’t want for your child in case your partner suggests the same. After preparing both the lists, sit together and select the ten best options from the two lists and chart out a final list.
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    Listen and be open to your partner's suggestions. While you believe Andy is the perfect name from the final list, your partner may think Andre is the best option. Don’t be rigid with your opinion and allow your partner to put forth his reasoning. Similarly, make sure your partner gives you a chance to explain your reasons for choosing a particular name. It’s important that you both are on the same team and aim at a “win-win” rather than a “win-lose” situation.
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    Avoid rushing to pick a name. Since your baby’s name is going to stick with him/her for his/her entire lifetime, make sure that you and your partner don’t succumb to the pressure of time and people. It’s okay to wait it out until your baby is born. Both of you will be in a better frame of mind to decide the name once you see your baby.


  • While it is alright to accept opinions from your friends and family, don’t let them pressurize you. Choose a name that you and your partner love.
  • Even though the entire name selection process can get pretty intense, don’t use it as an opportunity to pinpoint each other’s flaws. This will only lead to a bigger problems.
  • Avoid choosing names that may not suit your child’s demeanor when he grows up and also avoid playing it safe with common names.

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