How to Avoid Cheerleading Injuries

There's no real way to prevent injuries in this sport (Cheerleading). There are too many ways that they can happen. Here are some tips to at least lessen the probability of an injury.


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    Stretch. Do this thoroughly; before and after practice. Keep the focus on stretching every part of your body (i.e. arms, legs, wrists, hips, neck, shoulders, etc.). Make sure to not over stress and hold down the stretch to get the full affect. This will help prevent injuries.
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    Hydrate. Water and Gatorade are 2 prominent hydrators. Make sure to drink enough to keep you hydrated but not too much that you cramp up. Hydrating can prevent "injuries" such as dehydration and heat stroke.
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    Spot. Cheerleading is a team sport and those teams can consist of more than 20 people. If someone needs spotted, help them, also make sure you have room to do so. Doing a task in cheerleading too close to anything can result in dangerous and hazardous results. Be aware of your surroundings and make sure there are spotters there to help.
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    Technique- this sport requires a lot of good technique and skills most sports ignore; sharpness and a key attention to detail. If you don't do motions correctly muscle injury can occur. Make sure you practice, practice, practice. Muscle memory is good.
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    Stunt. This is one of the harder parts of cheerleading, requires more than 1 person and much time and practice. Because there are more people in this area of the sport it is common for injury. Stunting can go from simple to beyond extreme. As a stunt group your top priority is the safety of your flyer, don't drop her. You should always have eyes on her and bases should make sure to do whatever necessary to keep her safe and steady. To prevent injury to your bases make sure you have spotters(!!!) no matter how simple your stunt is. Common injuries in stunts are broken collar bones, concussions, black eyes, etc.
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    Tumbling. This is not always a part of this sport, but it's very dangerous. The more common injuries in tumbling are bone breaks (arms, legs, and even neck), and sprains (ankles and wrists). Stretching prevents a lot of these but with tumbling just beware when trying new things. Take it slow and learn the proper moves, techniques and positions to make it least dangerous for yourself.


  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Keep practicing!
  • Ask questions if unsure of anything.
  • Learn and practice good technique in all areas of the sport.
  • Don't try anything you're not comfortable with at all.


  • Everything is a possible danger. Don't expect not to get injured, it happens.

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