How to Avoid Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy’s more popular than ever these days. Just within America filings are nearing close to two million per year, but, even as the practice grows more common, credit reports and FICO scores are taking on primary importance within our lives. Declaring Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection stays upon a credit report for up to a decade and could prevent borrowers from certain types of employment, security clearance, apartments or mortgages, new vehicles, and all sorts of potential life choices. Even if the bankruptcy does save money in the short term by liquidating debt, most people find the inevitable costs far outweigh any temporary advantages. This is why it is important to avoid bankruptcy at all cost.


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    Simply living within your means and, except when absolutely necessary, not borrowing tomorrow’s paychecks for a better life today should prevent most of the troubles from occurring. But this is not always the case
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    For day to day expenses, make sure never to charge credit cards. The regular accumulation of household debts combined with compound interest may quickly make debt-loads unbearable
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    avoid borrowing from one card to pay another or using credit to pay necessary utilities because it is a fast track to financial insolvency.
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    Looking closely at your income and determining what you can count on each month (aside from bonuses or overtime or seasonal over-compensation) and what’s actually needed for yourself or your family to maintain the barest support, try to figure out a budget that allows repayment of all credit lines highest interest rates paid first.
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    Talk to creditors in order to reduce interest rates and payments, Or work out a new payment schedule that will give you more time to pay the debt.
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    Sell unwanted or unnecessary belongings on e-bay, craigslist, or garage sale. Use the proceeds to pay off the biggest debt amounts with the highest interest rates.
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    If any of the above steps are not working it is time to consult with professionals.
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    Go online research debt settlement companies to see if debt settlement is a viable alternative.


  • Before you beginning with these steps you need to get a better picture of what debts you actually have. calculate all your debts and rank them in order from biggest to smallest. Then organize them for when they are due. This will help you form goals and schedule of how long it will take to reduce your debts.


  • be careful of debt settlement and credit counseling agencies. Some firms charge fees and actually hurt the consumer.
  • Make sure any debt settlement company you might use is a qualified member of the TASK organization.

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