How to Avoid Being Tackled in Football

If you play receiver or running back, there are times where you've had a hard time getting away from that big linebacker or safety! This guide should help you to shake them. Speed, deception, and relative body angles are key!


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    Keep moving. Keep your legs moving (assuming you are running with the ball). If you stop moving, you become an easier target. You can do a quick juke or something, but don't let it slow you down.
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    Know where the linebackers are. If you know where the defenders are coming from, they'll be much easier to dodge. Always know where the defense is, and you have a better chance of keeping them off of you.
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    If a hit is completely inevitable, then you need to deliver the hit instead of letting that big linebacker or safety hit you! Lower your shoulder into him, protect that ball, and let him know you are not going down without a fight. Keep your legs moving regardless, even after you hit him. Too many times running backs and receivers get clocked because they stop moving.
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    When avoiding tackles, faking moves - juking, isn't necessarily the the best choice. Yeah, it might work when you play madden on your Xbox, but this is real life. Instead of trying the fancy spins and jukes, just make a quick stutter step or a small juke with your shoulders. The point is to make the defender hesitate. As soon as you see that split second of hesitation, You need to break for it. Remember, speed is always key though. Fancy jukes mean nothing if they're too slow.
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    If you're a bigger running back, sometimes it's better to mow the defender over rather than dodging around him. If you this is you, refer to step 3. Lower the shoulder, and tank through. Just make sure you stay on your feet.


  • Look up razorback drills, they will help a lot.
  • The best option isn't always to avoid being hit, sometimes you just need to man up and lower a shoulder into someone!


  • Don't try to spin. You'll just end up being hit in the back, it might work in Madden, but again, this is real life.
  • NEVER lead with your helmet! If you do, you'll hurt your neck or potentially get a concussion, plus it will hurt the defender, which isn't the point of this article.
  • Keep it clean. Football is a man's sport, so be the bigger man.

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