How to Avoid Being Stung by a Wiki Site

A well known wiki site recently changed their policies. And now all users will not be able to set their wikis to public view unless they pay to do so.This is a blow for many users who have wikis that are well known on the web. But you should not have to pay to host your wiki in public. So here is how to avoid being stung by a wiki site.


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    Look around first for the right wiki site.Read the terms of service. Some wiki sites are very strict and will not let you post links or even post your own images on the site. And will delete your wiki if for any reason they don't think it does not fit the site. Avoid those wiki sites.
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    Read the small print. Some wiki sites only offer you a free trial membership and then after a certain time you have to pay. Avoid those sites.
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    Be on your guard. Some wiki sites ask you to verify your account by asking you to make a donation to their site by taking your debit or credit card details. And they will tell you if you don't do this your wiki will be restricted to private view only, not public view. Or that you will not be allowed to create any more wikis. AVOID those sites at all costs. A genuine web site will never ask your for your debit or credit card details to verify your account.They will ask you to verify your account with your email address only.


  • Find out as much as you can about the site.And ask questions.Are you allowed to lock or protect your wikis so no one else can edit them except you? Are you allowed to post links to your website and upload your own images? If answer to any of these questions is"No" then that may not be the right wiki site for you. As the whole point of creating a wiki is to be able to write what you want and share your own content.And also share other useful information.
  • Think about what you want to write about. Does your topic fit the wiki site? If for example your wiki is about Windows software,because many wiki sites do not even allow upload of images or posting of links. Meaning if you want to write about Windows Mail for example,you won't be able to post any download links or images of your computer desktop.You might be better off creating a free blog or website from one of the many free blogging services. Or joining one of the Windows forums instead.
  • Look for a free wiki hosting site not one that offers paid upgrades. As sites with paid upgrades often have restrictions for free users.
  • Look around the wiki site first before you join. That way you get an idea what the site is like.And what they do or don't allow.


  • Many wiki sites are very strict a will not allow you to post links of upload images,not even your own.
  • A wiki site can change their terms of service and policies at any time. For example you may have been able to create free wikis when you first joined the site a few years ago. And then all of the sudden they can change the rules and make it so all users,even long term users,will have to pay to host their wikis.
  • You have no control over a wiki site. You are hosting on their domain and their website. The site has a right to restrict your wiki from public view to private view. Or to start charging users for using the site. And they can delete your wikis and your account. And there is nothing you can do about this.

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