How to Avoid Being Seen

If you want to remain hidden in a social setting, or just want to sneak up on your sibling, here are some basic instructions on how to improve your hiding skills and remain unseen.


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    Remember that opacity is the key to successful hiding. Be certain when selecting cover to avoid the overly translucent; transparent places should be avoided at all costs.
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    Do not stand up. If you are hiding behind a rock, standing up is probably not a good idea.
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    Remember that you can't put your hands over your eyes and think you are hidden.
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    Pretend that you are the person you are hiding from. What can he/she see? What are the lighting and obstacles that he/she is looking at from his angle? Understanding your target is essential. By putting yourself in their shoes, you can tell what they can and can't see.
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    Pick a place of cover to hide behind. Take care not to make it too obvious. Take time researching as much as possible about your target location to decide if it is the best for hiding purposes.
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    Keep as small as you can. The smaller you are, the less there is to be seen.
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    Keep as quiet as you can. Remember that being seen is more than just visual; if someone hears you, then he/she will look directly at the sound, which will give you away.
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    Do not tell anyone where you will be. Even if you tell a well-trusted friend, he/she may spill the beans about where you are. Control of information is critical to secrecy. Find out where everyone else is, and keep your own information secret.
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    Act normally. Be like others and no one will recognize you. If you are in a large crowd, sometimes anonymity is better than secrecy. In that case, know the crowd, and act/look/sound like everyone else.
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    Avoid eye contact. Once you've looked someone in the eye, they'll be attracted to examine you further.


  • Thought projection is a powerful tool. Think thoughts that people won't pick up as being awkward or secretive or mysterious. Pretend you're thoughts are those of another person who is not hidden.
  • People don't instinctively look up or down, try hiding up in a tree or under something. It is rare on occasions that someone has tried to look for another human who isn't at eye level, although you should be careful about where you are hiding in, and make sure that you are able to get out of your hiding spot safely.
  • If the light is on in the room,check if the person won't see your shadow.
  • Don't make any major movements that can draw attention to yourself, be discreet. People will notice you if you are running past them as opposed to if you are walking.
  • Read a book or two on stealth and espionage.
  • Take acting classes. Learn to blend in with your environment if you are tailing someone and do not want to be seen, dress accordingly, etc.
  • When walking through a crowd, look at the ground. People may go around you, or not notice you.
  • Dress in clothes that match the colors of the area around you.
  • Blend in with your surroundings. Don't hide behind something because others will notice you. Blend and do what other people are doing. Do this while focusing your hearing and peripheral vision on the subject at hand.


  • Beware of those who might be looking for you, and pay special attention to people who are looking abnormal in a crowd. They will be more likely to see you.
  • Once you have been found out, you are much more likely to be found again if in the same setting. Make each attempt unique, and use different spots each time, and occasionally repeat the spots in order to confuse your spy target.

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