How to Avoid Being Gym Dependent

Are you struggling to feel at home in the gym, and not wanting be an "addict" to (dependent on) the thrill, the sounds, smell, trainers and the challenge of the gym? You don’t have to go, and you may save your money. Here's how to succeed by avoiding gym dependency.


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    Read about two groups of people who did resistance-training workouts for the better part of a year. Researchers gave some people in-gym programs; others were given simple low-tech exercises they could do using household objects.
    • By the end of the study, the researching scientists saw that a gym membership didn’t guarantee success:
    • People in both groups lost about the same amount of weight.
    • Abnormally high blood sugar (called impaired glucose tolerance) dropped significantly in both groups.
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    Decide whether you prefer the music, the equipment, or even the eye candy at the gym, then if so, there it is.
    • Or, you would rather do your thing in the privacy of your home, perfect: you can avoid being an "addict" to the Gym.
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    Choose a workout routine and place you will do it, and not just once, and preferably every day. For example, you can set a routine to do push-ups and sit-ups everyday after waking up, and go for a run before taking a morning shower and having breakfast.
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    Use both your home and the gym (if you prefer) for your workouts -- whatever is easiest for the day at any given time, but don't fall into dependency on the Gym.
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    Keep it simple at home -- although, like power tools, the right equipment for the right job does make things easier.
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    Use soup cans, elastic bands, and your own body weight for resistance (think push-ups) with a mat and possibly, a few dumbbells. You don’t have to get the dumbbells. Start with grocery bags filled with cans for biceps curls and other upper-body exercises.


  • Work out at home and get the same kinds of effects as working out in the gym on losing weight and lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Cancel any gym membership you have.

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