How to Avoid Being Carjacked

Each year, 87,000 carjackings occur in the U.S. To avoid this mishap read the following..


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    Keep your car tuned up and full of gas (E-does not stand for Enough to get me where I need to go) and check your tires before you take a trip. A stranded, helpless driver makes an easy target.
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    Lock your doors when you get into your car. Make it part of your driving ritual.
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    Travel the most direct route to your destination. Search Mapquest, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps or TripTik before you depart on your trip, even if it's just across town. Asking for directions can tip off a would-be carjacker that you are lost and/or not paying attention to your surroundings.
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    Don't tail-gate. This enables you to get around the car in front of you if it stalls or if someone suspicious approaches your car.
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    Stay in your car, even if someone bumps into you at a traffic light or stop sign. What you've just encountered is the "Bump and Rob." The scheme works like this: When you get out of your car (with the engine still running) another person in the car behind you will get in your car and both vehicles drive away.
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    If someone does manage to get into your car and demands that you "do what I say and you won't get hurt," do not believe them. In over 90% of abductions, the victim (if female) is either raped or sexually assaulted. Instead, run your car into the first immobile object you can find (such as a fire hydrant, stop sign, or, as a last resort, the car in front of you). This will draw attention to your plight and someone will dial 911. Try not to injure yourself.
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    Get out of the vehicle as quickly as possible and run towards a well populated area.
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    Install an old fashion dimmer switch on the floorboard by your left foot and connect it so that it switches between the fuel pump and the car alarm siren. If somebody wants the car give it to them, if they want to take you with them simply depress the dimmer switch with your left foot killing the car and blowing the siren (if you want to blow the horn you should run the wire to a 12 volt relay since the current draw on the horn may exceed the fuel pump that you're switching over from..
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    Be careful in areas of poverty or enormous wealth. Car crime is most likely to occur if you seem susceptible, which will promote criminal opportunists in run down areas, and professionals in areas of great wealth.


  • If you get pulled over by a suspicious "police officer" in an unmarked car, dial 911 and tell the operator that you are being pulled over by an unmarked car between exits X and Y on highway b and would like to inform the officer that you would like to pull over in a safer area such as a gas station. If the operator confirms that you are indeed being pulled over by a police officer then pull over ASAP and make sure there is plenty of room for the officer to avoid highway traffic.
  • Be especially careful in Los Angeles and St. Louis, the top two carjacking capitals of the US.
  • If legal, carry pepper spray or a knife so you have a non-lethal way of stopping the carjacker.

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