How to Avoid Being Blocked on Wikia

Wikia is a wiki site and if you edit in good faith and provide appropriate edits, you'll have a good experience. Here is how to avoid being blocked on Wikia.


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    Edit according to the rules and policies.
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    Different Wikia wikis also have their own norms and standards which can vary quite widely. It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the wiki by reading a few of its articles before you begin editing. If you are aware of what the rest of the community want and don't want on the wiki, you are less likely to inadvertently upset the owner, admins or other users.
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    Do not vandalize a site you don't own or behave as a troll. If you are asked to stop by an admin, do not continue to do it. Wiki owners have the right to do what they want with the pages and it's policies.
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    Request for assistance if someone is winding you up and you cannot deal with it alone.
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    Explain yourself clearly if an admin questions your actions. Do not presume that they are out to prevent you from editing. They are there to facilitate your experience.
    • Stay calm. Do not chat back or be rude. That soon turns into trolling and will get you blocked. It also resolves nothing.
    • If there is a misunderstanding, ask calmly for a link to the edit in question and then clarify why you made it. An owner or other admins can judge on the edits you've made to a page.
    • Remain civil, polite and do not use profanity.


  • Ask for reasons for a ban. You are entitled to them.


  • When you're unblocked, don't taunt the person who blocked you. You risk getting more bans, including an infinite ban.
  • If you get an infinite ban, don't make a sockpuppet. You could get globalled.
  • If you get globalled, don't make a sockpuppet. You will only get re-globalled, if you even change your IP and Email Address.
  • If you get a ban by an abusive admin (if severe enough), report it to a bureaucrat, the wiki's owner (if both of these are active and available to help) or Wikia Staff via contact (if none of these 2 are online).

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