How to Audition for the Las Vegas Academy

The Las Vegas Academy is a Clark County School District magnet high school located in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The official name of the school is the Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts. The school carries several majors in performing/visual arts and international studies. In order to be admitted into the school, students must audition in which major they are planning on studying through school.


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    Decide what major you are going to audition for. There are 5 major areas of study in which students can audition at the Academy. For more information on these majors, visit the school website.
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    Once you have decided what you are going to do, prepare for your audition. It is very important you prepare for your audition in advance.
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    Be sure to keep your grades up. In order to be able to audition at the Academy, you will need to have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. The requirement is not only for the Academy but other magnet schools in the Clark County School District.
    • Bring an official transcript to your audition in order to verify your grades.
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    Arrive at the audition early. Each audition opportunity should be taken seriously, so plan to arrive 15-30 minutes early. You never know when you might run into bad traffic or get lost, and will need to rely on the extra buffer time. It reflects really poorly on the applicant to show up late.
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    Wait for your letter, and try not to stress about your audition after the fact. You can't change anything now, so there's no point in worrying about whether you will receive an acceptance or rejection letter. Take everything in stride.
    • If you know that you did your best, relish your efforts and pat yourself on the back. If you know that there were things you could improve on, make a list of those and keep that in mind for next time. Don't dwell on past mistakes; only use them as motivational tools for the future.


  • If you mess up on your audition, don't freak out. Just continue as well as you can.
  • The 5 majors at the Las Vegas Academy are: Dance, Theatre, Music, Visual Art, and International Studies.
  • Get to know staff and administrators, they often know best about how to successfully audition, and can help you get onto Las Vegas Academy.
  • If you do not get accepted, don't get discouraged. There is usually a second audition in the school year for students to try out again if they didn't make it the first time.
  • There are many subcategories within these majors. Theatre:[Acting/Technical Theatre], Music:[Vocal Music, Guitar, Mariachi, Band, Orchestra, Piano, World Jazz Studies], International Studies:[Spanish, French, Japanese]
  • Most students get accepted into the Academy, with a few exceptions so don't worry about not getting accepted.
  • It is very important to be prepared for your audition beforehand. More preparation increases your chances of being accepted.
  • Your parents might not approve of you trying out for this school. Be sure to discuss your plans to audition for the Academy with them before you plan on trying out.
  • If you do not get accepted, try to find out why so you have an idea on how you can improve for your second audition.
  • Remember to be confident and just be yourself.


  • Have fun! And don't forget to smile! You will be able to show the audition judges more of everything you've got.
  • Bring a map to the audition! The campus is a very large one.
  • There will be a lot of students auditioning because the school is one of the most popular magnet high schools in the district, so be careful not to get stepped on or be sure to know where you are going.
  • Don't stress yourself out too much that you get so nervous and let it ruin your audition.
  • Some of the students at the Academy are intimidating. Don't let them intimidate you. Remember, you are just as good as they are and possibly even better so just relax.
  • There will occasionally be free food and drinks at the audition depending on which time you come to the audition.

Things You'll Need

  • audition material [audition material can be found on the school website in mid-November]
  • chosen major to audition for[for a list of all the majors, see the school website: or any of the department websites]
  • report card with at least a 2.0 GPA(Grade point Average) or above for 8th graders and a transcript for high school students/upperclassmen
  • confidence, drive, determination, good grades and a chance to have fun
  • both of your parents' approval to audition for the school (if you know they will be kind of on edge letting you attend the Academy)
  • all of your friends! (in case you know that they'd like to try out as well)

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