How to Audition at Julliard

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Julliard is known for a lot of musical talents. When you come to that day when you're trying out for Julliard, these steps and tips should be very helpful!

Method 1
In General

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    Eat some fruit and vegetables before your audition. Your body will need energy so give it energy. Never have any candy that will get you to a sugar high for about 10 minutes. hen the fat is stored and your at a sugar-normal. After this feeling, you will feel very tired, this doesn't in any way prepare you for your audition
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    Be ready for an intense series of dancing. If you made your own solo then it will be easier, but make it stand out then others. You got the easy part if you have your own solo, now you have to make it shine. These judges want to go home and eat, make them love you! When they give you choreography or notes to play you have to memorize and address them quickly to make it in Julliard.
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    Never Give Up. If you are given choreography and don't get it, ask to repeat it or clarify. If your really shy then you don't belong at Julliard. Julliard is a performing arts that's equal or greater than the Olympics. If you want this you have to grab it, because it's yours!
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    Summer Intensive Camp. The summer before you audition think about going to their summer intensive camp. This will give you an idea on what your ahead of and it will prepare you better.
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    Spot. You have to love the judges and make them love you! If you are dancing, for example, when spinning/twirling spot. If you don't know this term, look it up because you won't make it in Julliard if you don't know what it means. For example, playing trumpet look at them frequently, but also keep your eyes on the music if not already memorized. If your doing drama/acting, look at them always. Unless you have stage directions to look at the person always have a good eye on he judges!
    • Don't stare at them though. Have a glare that the judges can't forget.
    • Even when your taking your bows have this gleam in your eye with a grin. If you really want to jazz things up wink when leaving the stage.

Method 2
Musical Instruments

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    Bring what you need. Julliard is a huge step for you, you don't want to show up on stage and not have everything you need. Things you need to bring when your auditioning for musical instruments is: <br
    • Rosin ( string instruments )
    • Reeds ( wind instruments )
    • Headshot ( some auditions require it )
    • Resume
    • Anything else that's required you can find more information on the Julliard website.
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    You're not getting special attention. In your little studio, you may have gotten the attention you wanted. You have to remember that if you make a small mistake you won't be heard over the 600 other students playing. You need to think about what happens when you get into Julliard. You can't expect everything be your way!

Method 3

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    Be Prepared! The esssentials you need for the audition are:
    • Point and ballet shoes ( If you're doing ballet )
    • Jazz shoes ( for jazz )
    • Resume
    • Headshot and Full-body shot ( if it's required ).
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    Anything else should be listed on the Julliard site.
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    Look at the Julliard website. It's very helpful for picking out courses you're trying out for. For example, they have a ballet division that shows you information on it. Such as, the credit amount (6), how long it takes ( Full Year ), and Faculty. Then it gives a brief summary of the class. In this one it says:
    • "A graded study of the exercises and vocabulary of the classical technique with a strong emphasis on placement, alignment, coordination, and movement quality. Pointe work is optional for women. All men are required to take both classical and modern’s partnering."

Method 4

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    Don't be afraid. Your role might be embarrassing, but, you have to go through that. It's just acting, everyone else has to do it. Just remember that you will be rewarded if you just do it!
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    Leave. You're going to have to leave family if NYC is out of your area, and you can't be late! It's hard but, it's for the better!
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    Be amazing. Have a wink when you leave the stage when audition and performing it leaves a "wow" on the judges faces.


  • Leaving your family is a huge yet important step. Leaving family is very hard, but it's important if you want a career. This is a good opportunity; don't give up because you're afraid of losing your family.
  • Julliard is a 4 year course college depending on what division and how many divisions.
  • Julliard is hard work, so everyday be prepared for an intensive workout.
  • Dance, play, or act like you never have.
  • Act like a natural. Act like you have been dancing all your life. Act like you can play in your sleep. Pretend like you act out your whole life.
  • Auditions take about 10( minimum )- 30 ( maximum ) minites. You're dancing, acting, and playing followed by stating your background information.
  • String Instruments require fast finger movement. On the other hand, you need a steady breathe rhythm for wind Instruments.


  • Never eat sugar/ candy before any audition after 5-10 minites after you feel tired, not like you're not tired already from doing the dance. Feel proud of yourself. It shows in your performance.

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