How to Attract Subject Area Experts to Become Involved in wikiHow

We always benefit from experts taking interest in wikiHow. Here are some suggestions to get them involved:


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    Find an area in need of expertise, such as disaster preparedness or chess.
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    Search the internet for the topic.
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    Contact various experts via Email.
    • Provide them with a link to an article in need of their expertise.
    • Let them know how their participation would be greatly appreciated.
    • Encourage them to share their copyrighted material.
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    Offer your assistance to get them started.
    • Provide them with a link to the Writer's Guide.
    • Provide links to similar articles of interest to help support their research.
    • Leave additional notes of encouragement to inspire their creativity.
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    Help to circulate their article.
    • Take the time to link to other articles within wikiHow.
    • Help to get their article translated into different languages.


  • Just ten minutes of time can greatly improve the quality of an article.

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