How to Attract Sponsors

Oftentimes, sponsorship is needed to put together a successful event. You might need companies to buy into your event to fund promotional efforts and make the event a financial success. After you learn how to attract sponsors and secure them, the next goal is to engage them and keep them interested in your event for subsequent years.


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    Determine what companies could benefit from sponsoring your event. Ideal sponsors are ones that care about your event's audience. It's imperative that you know who your event attendees are and know their needs.
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    Research a company's marketing goals, as well as its marketing challenges. Find out what types of events a company has sponsored in the past. Try a company's product or service to understand how it aligns with the tone of your event.
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    Pitch the benefits of sponsorship from a sponsor's point of view. A sponsor wants a clear-cut answer to what the company gains by supporting your event. When appropriate, appeal to representatives' emotions, especially if the event's goal is to raise funds for a charitable cause.
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    Prepare demographic data for potential sponsors to review. If a company is considering making an investment, they will need full details on who has attended the event in the past.
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    Present a clear strategy for how you intend to develop the event's theme. Outline how the event will look and the image of your promotional marketing materials. This is especially helpful for those sponsors who may not be familiar with the event.
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    Outline the marketing strategy you will pursue to promote the event. Include details about what type of media you will use, and in what ways sponsors can expect their companies to be mentioned in pre-event publicity.
    • Link your sponsor's existing marketing campaign to your event if possible. The clearer the connection, the more attractive your event will be to a sponsor.
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    Focus on building a relationship with potential sponsors instead of just pitching your ideas. You want to show them that you, your organization and the event are a good match for their marketing goals.
    • If you show genuine care about the mutual benefits of sponsorship, you can build a relationship that will keep the sponsor coming back year after year or for multiple events.
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    Follow up with potential sponsors after you make your pitch. Companies are bombarded with potential marketing opportunities every day. Your event, no matter how important, isn't going to be their top priority.
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    Make sure your sponsors are well cared for at the event. Once you secure a partnership, don't leave company representatives at an event to fend for themselves. Have a plan in place and assign staff to attend to their needs. Sponsors who have a good time and meet their business goals will sponsor your event again.
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    Engage your sponsors in a review of the event after it is over. Find out what worked well and what could be improved from the sponsors' point of view. Send a note thanking sponsors for their participation, and invite them to attend next year's event.

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