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Financial Peace University is the brainchild of Dave Ramsey. After finding himself in significant debt, he learned all he could about financial stability and debt relief. The successful results led to the beginning of the Lampo Group in 1992, which began with financial counseling and branched out into best-selling books and a radio program. One of the Lampo Group's offerings is the Financial Peace University, a religious-based financial education program that claims the average participant pays off $5,300 in debt in three months. For many families that want to pay off debt, the first step is to attend Financial Peace University.


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    Go to Dave Ramsey's web site for Financial Peace University (FPU) at
    • In the menu on the left side, click on "Lessons and Preview."
    • You will be taken to a page where you can view an Introduction/Class Preview video.
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    Use the class location tool to find a class location nearest to you.
    • Enter your zip code and the radius for the maximum distance you want to travel to a class.
    • If you prefer, you can enter your state for a list of classes and class locations.
    • FPU also is available at U.S. military locations and in Canadian provinces.
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    Register to attend the free first class.
    • A class coordinator is available after the first class to sign up interested participants for the 13-week course and lifetime membership.
    • Lifetime membership gives members access to FPU materials and online tools to assist with debt relief.
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    Attend weekly classes, which each last for approximately 2 hours and include a video presentation and small group work. Each lesson concentrates a different aspect of debt relief. Lesson subjects are:
    • Saving.
    • Family communication about money.
    • Bargains.
    • Credit ratings.
    • Monthly spending planning.
    • Job hunting skills.
    • How to pay off debt.
    • Investments.
    • Marketing and buying decisions.
    • Insurance needs.
    • Retirement options.
    • Buying or selling a home.
    • Giving.
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    Attend FPU online. The web version is a 16-week course with flexible online learning.
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    Choose the Blended Learning option for live and online classes.
    • Blending Learning allows members to reinforce concepts learned in a live class with online instruction or vice versa.


  • The Member Resource Center provides additional content to supplement the FPU lessons.
  • To graduate from Financial Peace University, you must attend 12 out of 13 classes.
  • A lifetime membership entitles you to receive audio discs of all 13 lessons.
  • Dave Ramsey also offers programs for teens and children.


  • Membership costs vary. Make certain you understand what you will receive.

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