How to Attend a Wedding Without a Date

So your date didn't get invited +1 to a wedding. Your newly-engaged friend is either too cheap to invite you with a date or you're too obviously single. Either way, you need to know how to survive some potentially awkward situations.


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    Do not call your friend who is getting married and demand that you should be allowed to take a date. Weddings can be just as expensive as attending community college. So unless you plan to give your friend a couple hundred bucks so that you can invite a plus one, swallow your pride and happily RSVP.
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    Determine your seating assignment and assess the situation. Be prepared to be seated at the random singles table whose cast of characters can include the groom's 17 year old HOT but too young cousin, cousin Millie the token spinster (i.e. your future), and Uncle Frank who is questionably on the verge of sexual harassment with his not-so-subtle touching. Get ready to make a lot of small talk about how you know the married couple and what you do. If you're luckily seated with friends and you're the one person there not in a couple, buck up. Put on your happy face and mentally prepare yourself to be sad when the couples to your left and right start sharing each others' food while you're stuck with your singular choice of chicken Marsala. Remember that these people are your friends and no, you do not hate them for being lovey dovey.
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    Enjoy the occasion. No matter what, nobody likes sourpusses at weddings. Or complainers. While it may blow that you have to go by yourself, you're at a celebration with (hopefully) free alcohol. The wedding is NOT about you, it's about the supposed love between the happy couple. If you're in a couple and your boyfriend wasn't invited, please do NOT spend the entire night texting him "wish you were here" messages. That's lame. We all get you're in a couple and that other person's not there right now. You don't have to be ridiculously obvious. If you're not in a couple and you're just alone, don't spend the entire night texting your other friends who aren't there. That's also lame. And you're not that cool that you have to be on your phone the whole time. Be in the moment!
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    Don't be afraid to excuse yourself. Slow dance number 3 in a row comes on and you're standing awkwardly again on the dance floor or worse, the only one sitting at your table. Get up, take a slow walk to the bar and take the long way back. Hopefully the song will change by then and you can break out on the dance floor again. Or check out the bathroom. Adjust your tux. Touch up your make-up. Take a couple of deep breaths and hope it's time to cut the cake.


  • Don't be afraid to leave early if you can't take it any longer. But do so conspicuously. Say goodbye to the new couple, provide them with some semi-lame excuse about why you have to leave, and thank them. Ten minutes later they'll forget you were ever there because they'll be so busy anyway. Save your sanity if need be by employing this strategy.
  • Alcohol is always great to ease the nerves and relax awkward conversations. In moderation of course. Overuse is almost always guaranteed to create awkward situations.
  • If you're ever on the verge of tears because you feel ridiculously lonely find a friend you know you can latch on to and make that person dance and play with you all night. Their date will get over it.
  • Looking fabulous to a wedding you're attending stag is always a power move. You never know who you're going to meet there i.e. your future I Do or your future You'll Do For Right Now.

Things You'll Need

  • An outfit that makes you look good and feel even better.
  • Some sweet dance moves that can be done without another person.
  • The ability to make conversation with strangers.

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