How to Attend a Marketing Career Fair

If you've been looking for a way to land a job with a top marketing firm, you may want to beef up your resume and head to a marketing career fair. At the event, you'll be able to meet with recruiters looking for the next advertising genius. Career fairs tend to draw in a large number of job searchers, so you'll need to know how to attend a marketing career fair in such a way that you stand out from your competition.


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    Prepare the paperwork you want to take to the career fair.
    • Your resume should be an attractive representation of your work skills, your experience and your educational background. Include key points, such as major campaigns you designed or assisted on, any marketing internship you had and your experience with marketing or graphic design programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or others.
    • Put together a promotional bulletin that highlights your talent as a marketing executive. Think of yourself like a brand and give the recruiters something that will distinguish you from the other marketing job seekers.
    • Take your marketing portfolio with you. Showing recruiters your work may make it easier for you to find a marketing job.
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    Make sure you register for the event, as necessary. Also, note the date, the time and the location for the event.
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    Target specific marketing firms. Some career fairs for the advertising industry will provide the names of the companies that will be attending the event.
    • Identify the top companies you want to meet with and research them prior to going. If possible, look at a map that shows where the companies will be on event day. When you get to the career fair, head immediately to the top company on your list.
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    Take advantage of any gadgets you have, such as the iPad or a mobile projector.
    • If you have a presentation of a marketing campaign you put together and gadgets that will allow you to show the presentation, take the gadgets with you.
    • Always ask the person you are meeting with whether he would like to see the presentation rather than diving into it without asking. Some recruiters may have a tight time schedule that prohibits extra details like this.
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    Dress appropriately. Wear professional business attire and comfortable shoes that match your outfit. Don't chew gum.
    • The marketing industry focuses on promotion products through visual concepts. If you can't market yourself by dressing the part, then the company may think you won't be able to market its clients.


  • Practice answering interview questions and running through any presentations you might make using your gadgets before the event.
  • Make extra copies of documents for recruiters to take with them after the career fair. Most people who attend the event will not make an on-site decision.

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