How to Attach a Clasp to a Cord Choker

When making a necklace or bracelet from a cord, getting a nice finish can often be tricky. This article will show you how to use a cord crimp to give your jewelry a professional looking finish.


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    Align the cord crimp with the end of the cord. Make sure you trim the cord to the correct length before you begin.
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    Use pliers to secure the end of the cord in a cord crimp. Choose jeweler's pliers with flat (not knurled) points or cover the ends so that you don't make a pattern of little dents.
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    Check that it is securely fastened.
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    Place another crimp on the opposite end of the cord just as you did the first one.
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    Attach the clasp. There are many types of clasps available. Some have two parts of which one part must be attached to each cord crimp, while others are just a simple clasp which you attach to one cord crimp and then fasten to a jump ring attached to the other cord crimp.
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    Put your jewelry on and you're done!


  • A channel cord crimp is shown but there are various types of cord crimps. Use whichever you like or can easily obtain.
  • Ensure that your cord crimps are secure. Otherwise your jewelry may fall apart.

Things You'll Need

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  • Cord crimps
  • Clasp
  • Pliers

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