How to Assemble a Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Printed circuit boards(PCB) provide a number of advantages to industrial applications. Their compactly designed structure can hold all the small electronic components together. This also helps to reduce weight and space of an electronic component. Printed circuit boards are easy to install and repair thanks to their close-knit design. All these benefits come from accurate assembly of a printed circuit board.


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    Choose the Technology for the PCB: The type of PCB assembly process is chosen depending on the technology requirement – surface mount technology, plated through hole (PTH) technology, or mixed technology. Once the technology is chosen, the PCB goes through the rest of the assembly process.
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    Solder the Components onto the Board: Use a lead or a tin solder to attach the electronic components to the printed wiring board.
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    Attach Components according to the Schematic Pattern: The circuit board consists of a schematic drawing or pattern. The small components need to be picked and placed adhering to the pattern on the circuit board.
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    Place the PCB in a Soldering Machine: The soldering machine is designed to properly affix all the components together on the circuit board. The soldering process also prepares the PCB for the next part of the assembly process.
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    Test the PCB for Defects: After assembly, the PCB is put through a meticulous testing process. The most commonly used process for testing and inspecting PCBs is Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). The optical machines check for loose joints, over-soldering on the circuit board, loose components, etc.


  • Even though the design and assembly of a PCB is complicated, with good technique and a lot of practice, you can create a perfectly assembled printed circuit board.


  • While using soldering machine be careful and use hand gloves.

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