How to Assemble a Horse Grooming Kit

Three Methods:Picking Out Curry Combs and MittsSelecting BrushesAcquiring Additional Tools

Keeping your horse clean and well groomed is an essential part of maintaining the animal’s health. It also keeps your horse looking its best. In order to care for your horse properly, you need a great grooming kit!

Method 1
Picking Out Curry Combs and Mitts

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    Choose a rubber curry comb. A rubber curry comb has several rows of rubber teeth. This variation of the curry comb removes dirt, loose hair, and dander from your horse’s coat. It should be used on your horse’s large, muscular body parts. This includes the neck, hindquarters, and shoulders.[1]
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    Buy a plastic curry comb. A plastic curry comb has multiple rows of tough, plastic teeth. This brush can remove caked on dirt and manure from your horse’s coat. Its durable teeth are ideal for your horse’s thick, winter coat.[2]
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    Purchase a massaging curry comb. Massaging curry combs are dual-purpose grooming tools. In addition to riding your horse’s coat of loose hair, dirt, and dander, these brushes also gently massage your horse’s muscles. These combs are available with hard or soft rubber teeth.[3]
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    Select a metal curry comb or shedding blade. A metal curry combs have several rows of sharp, metal teeth; a shedding blade has one row of sharp metal teeth. Due to the sharpness of the teeth, you should use the metal curry comb and the shedding blade sparingly on the horse’s body. You can use either tool to remove caked on mud or to thin out your horse’s thick, winter coat.[4]
    • Do not run these tools over your horse’s non-fleshy areas.
    • Alternatively, you can use these tools to clean your other brushes.[5]
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    Add a rubber grooming mitt to your kit. The rubber grooming mitt, or currying glove is a gentler alternative to curry combs. You may use this mitt on every part of your horse, even its legs and face.
    • Many people use this mitt at bath time.[6]

Method 2
Selecting Brushes

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    Pick out a stiff bristle brush: This brush is suited for tough jobs, like removing caked on manure, getting rid of dried sweat, and brushing through your horse’s thick, winter coat. Due to the bristles’ stiffness, it should not be used on sensitive areas or run over bones.[7]
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    Select a medium bristle brush. The medium bristle brush is a must for your kit. This versatile brush is suitable for most of your basic grooming needs. It will effectively remove dust and dirt from your horse’s coat.[8]
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    Add a soft bristle brush to your kit. The soft bristle brush is used to groom the delicate areas of your horses. These areas include the legs and face. If your horse is extra sensitive or has thin skin, you may wish to use a soft bristle brush instead of a medium bristle brush.
    • Instead of using a soft bristle brush on your horse’s face, you may also purchase a face brush. The face brush is smaller and easy to handle.[9]
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    Buy a body brush. The body brush has very fine bristles. These bristles effectively remove small particles of dust and dirt from your horse’s coat. As it removes the grime, leaves the coat shiny.
    • If you wish to enhance your horse’s natural sheen, consider purchasing a sheepskin mitt.[10]

Method 3
Acquiring Additional Tools

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    Purchase a wide-tooth comb and brush for your horse’s mane and tail. In addition to caring for your horse’s coat, you also need to maintain the animal’s tail and mane. Your kit should include a wide tooth comb and a plastic bristle hair brush. These tools will gently remove tangles from your horse’s hair without causing breakage.[11]
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    Choose a mane pulling comb. When your horse’s mane needs a trim, don’t reach for the scissors—cutting the hair will result in an uneven mane. Instead, use a mane pulling comb. This metal tool removes a few long hairs at a time.[12]
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    Purchase a hoof pick. Hoof picks are used to remove dirt, manure, and stones from your horse’s hooves. These tools come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. You can purchase one with a brush or one that folds up.[13]
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    Collect sponges and rags for your kit. You should store a variety of clean rags and sponges in your kit. You can use the rags and sponges when you bathe the horse. Do not put dirty sponges and rags back in your kit.[14]
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    Purchase a container to hold all of your grooming supplies. As you assemble the supplies for your kit, you need to have a container to hold them. You can purchase a plastic caddy or make your own wooden crate. Some people prefer to use a bag.[15]


  • Grab a permanent marker and write your initials on the grooming tools.
  • If you don't want to buy separate supplies, get a kit with items included.
  • Check online reviews for supplies to make sure you get the best value.

Things You'll Need

  • Curry combs (removes dirt and mud from your horse's coat)
  • Brushes (removes dust, loose hair and dirt loosened by the curry comb)
  • Mane and tail brushes (removes hay, dirt and other grime in your horse's mane and tail)
  • Hoof pick (used to clean out dirt and muck from your horse's hooves)
  • Sponges and rags
  • Container

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