How to Assemble a Concrete Garage

If you are looking to build a garage for your home then the thought might initially seem a little daunting. It can provide the ideal solution for extra storage space, or keeping the cars locked away during the colder months of year. Whatever you are intending to use it for, you must ensure that the garage is built correctly so that it doesn’t fall apart and cause damage to those using it or the surrounding property. With this in mind, this wikiHow will look at how you can successfully assemble a concrete garage for your home.


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    First of all, where will the garage go? You could decide to build it next to your home using the same or similar materials to make it match aesthetically, or alternatively you could build it in a separate location.
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    Wherever you decide to place your new garage, think of the pros and cons for each location first.
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    Check with your local council if you will require planning permission. In some cases this will be needed, so check with your authority first before building work gets up and running.
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    Once you have the all clear to build your garage, you need to lay the foundations. Mark four corners of the garage using stakes and tie string between them to mark off a rectangular area. At this stage it’s best to call in the professionals in order to get the cement and foundations laid properly. The garage could be holding a lot of weight, so you’ll want to make sure this is completed to the highest possible standards.
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    Build the walls from the foundations up and leave space for any windows or doors which you will want to include. Again in this instance if you don’t really know what you’re doing, it’s best to work alongside an experienced builder or have them more involved with the whole project. Remember that the walls will also need to have suitable insulation in place so that moisture can’t enter the structure, as this can easily and cause damage over time.
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    Next up is the roof. Decide if you want a pitched or flat roof for your garage. A pitched roof won’t gather as much moss and dirt and will be easier to clean, but it depends on how the garage is to tie in visually with the overall look of the house.
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    Once the exterior has been finished, you can turn your attention to the inside of the structure by thinking about flooring options. If you are just going to use the garage to store your car then you might want to leave the flooring natural. Alternatively, if you will be using the garage as a workshop then you might want to add a protective coating of paint or add tiles. Once all of the above


  • If you aren’t experienced when it comes to building work, make sure you get help from those who are in order to build a stable and suitable garage.
  • Check that planning permission isn’t required before any building work begins.

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