How to Ask a Guy You Like to the Movies

Three Parts:Asking a Guy to the MoviesChoosing a FilmBehaving During a Film Date

Although stereotypically guys ask girls out on dates, you shouldn't hesitate to ask someone you're interested in if he hasn't sprung a move already, whether you a girl or a guy. A movie date is a very casual way of getting to know someone, and a good movie can offer an icebreaker if you're worried about awkwardness. If you've ever wondered how you can go about asking a guy out on a movie date, you should remind yourself that it's usually a very easygoing experience. So long as you ask without being imposing, it's sure to be a pleasant experience for both of you.

Part 1
Asking a Guy to the Movies

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    Take the initiative.[1] Even if it's usually guys that ask the girl out, you shouldn't wait around for him to ask you. Take the initiative yourself and surprise him with your confidence. Although it helps to have a solid chemistry with the guy before asking him out anywhere, don't hesitate to ask
    • Because a movie date is so casual, it's perfectly fine to ask him out via electronic communication like text or private messaging.
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    Decide whether your offer should be open-ended or specific.[2] Before you ask out the guy in question, you should take a moment to consider what your offer will entail. An open-ended offer like "Want to go to the movies sometime?" carries a different implication than asking someone to go to a specific movie. While an open-ended offer is less interesting than something specific, it's a bolder way of letting someone know you're specifically interested in spending more time with them.
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    Pitch the movie to him before asking.[3] If you're nervous about asking the guy to a movie, if helps to bring up the movie first. That way, not only will he be more excited to go see the movie, you'll also have a natural way of guiding the conversation into asking about it.
    • The plot, starring case, director or genre are all things you might bring up while you're describing a movie.
    • Positive reviews will help your case. If the two of you have a twisted sense of humour, you may even want to go to a film with abysmal reviews. You may even bond over how terrible the movie was.
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    Keep it casual.[4] A movie date is a casual outing, so the way you go about asking should be treated in much the same way. Be kind and easygoing when you ask. Asking someone on a movie date should never be elaborate or overly complex. Most people love going to the movies, so chances are he'll say yes so long as you don't try to force an answer out of him.
    • Say something like "Hey, would you like to see that movie tomorrow at 8? It's an action flick, and it's gotten good reviews."
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    Be open to going in a group.[5] There's a chance your original idea of a film date will end up encompassing a group. Although you would think this will take away from the romantic appeal, you can still have an intimate experience with someone regardless if other friends have tagged along. If anything, if the two of you are currently nervous around each other, it can alleviate tension to have other people around.

Part 2
Choosing a Film

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    Find out what's playing.[6] Simply enough, you'll need to find out what films are playing before you're able to pick something out. Check the movie showings at a theatre that is reasonably accessible for the both of you. If you haven't asked him out yet, knowing the movie times will give you the ability to specify your proposal to a time, place and chosen movie.
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    Pick a film that's suitable for a date.[7] Romantic comedies and horror films are generally seen to be the best type of movie to take a date to. However, you should ultimately base your decision around the type of films the two of you enjoy most. Although dramas and documentaries may be less suited for dates, they can still be a good idea if you think that would be more his thing.
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    Avoid extremely popular films.[8] If you're going on a date with someone, you're going to want at least some privacy. Although a movie theatre will never be truly private, you should nonetheless avoid films that have only recently come out or are selling a lot of tickets. Having some space to yourselves will increase the feeling of intimacy between the two of you.
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    Contemplate the sort of movie he might like to see. What movies does the guy you're interested in watch usually? Although a date should ultimately revolve around the couple, a good choice of movie will give you plenty to talk about. If the movie is something he'll like, he'll be more likely to say yes to your proposal.
    • In the case that the date turns sour, having a good movie to watch will mean the evening isn't a total failure.

Part 3
Behaving During a Film Date

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    Consider wearing perfume or cologne.[9] If you want your date to be a hit, light perfume or cologne may be just the thing. Because you'll be in a dark theatre throughout the course of the date, he won't be able to see you. Rather, you'll have touch and scent as your tools of attraction. A small dose of good-smelling stuff will make it easier to draw his senses to you.
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    Figure out payment for the film. Most couples nowadays buy their own tickets if they're on a first date. However, if you're asking someone to the movies, you can also offer to pay for both tickets. If he insists on paying, feel free to let him if you're fine with that. Any of these routes are fine, so long as the two of you are happy about it.
    • How couples pay can vary by where you live. Ask your friends for advice if you're not sure what the local protocol is.
    • It's also fine to feel it out on the date. If your date seems uncomfortable with you paying, tell him you can each get your own tickets.
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    Pick isolated seats.[10] Even if the theatre isn't very crowded, it's still better to get seats that are relatively off to the back and isolated. A bit of extra privacy will give you two the chance to get closer together.
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    Enjoy light touching together. Hand holding and cuddling are both good ways of expressing and enjoying attraction while in a movie theatre. This light touching is usually benign, and there's nothing keeping you from doing so while still watching the film relatively undistracted.
    • If you don't know how he'll react, lightly grazing his arm or leg with your hand leaves open the room for plausible deniability.
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    Relax. At the end of the day, the two of you are there to enjoy a movie. Regardless whether it pans out into a longer-lasting relationship, you should be happy with the fact that you're out doing something fun with someone you find interesting. Chances are that if you relax, the two of you will have a higher likelihood of getting closer.[11]


  • Contrary to what you may believe, guys actually do like being asked out. It demonstrates to them that you are fully confident in yourself.[12]


  • Don't text or talk excessively during the movie, as it's distracting to other theatregoers.
  • Some people don't recommend movies for the first date, as it's a somewhat generic choice and doesn't offer a lot of opportunity to really talk.[13]

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