How to Arrange Live Webinar

Webinars are becoming popular for holding "meetings" without traveling. This is especially convenient for trainers, trainees, marketers, clients and researchers to share information.


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    View a webinar as a "live-web-seminar" in each of your offices or homes, wherein the seminar is held at dozens of sites at one time, exchanging information across hundreds or thousands of miles/kilometers in all different directions, in a special kind of computer assisted "conference call", using your cell phone or wired phone connected for all to hear each other. All the participants are online, connected virtually, with the help of the web having the ease to voice questions and get verbal answers about the information you're all viewing and hearing. It overcomes distance -- gives a feeling of being on the telephone -- giving each person ease of personalizing contact with associates, as directly training users, employees or reporting results to clients and immediately exchanging ideas and getting understandings verbalized.
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    Use a webinar hosting service to get connected. Use your favorite search engine to look for "Webinar Hosting" and similar key words. These there are many providers that have a wide range of pricing plans from free to several hundreds of dollars each. Think of a webinar host as connecting at least two, and perhaps hundreds, of persons speaking and sharing by using your and their computer screens, sharing a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation (or other application) with colleagues or several associates while you talk them through the presentation. With a webinar, your client -- or hundreds of them -- can not only watch your presentation while you share it, but can also listen to you as you walk them through your presentation. The wonderful thing is that (a) your friends, associates, or potential clients can be anywhere in the world, (b) you can still have a dialogue or exchange of questions and answers during your webinar and, (c) in just about all cases only you need all the materials and the presentation software that you are sharing with them.
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    Realize some things that you need, although holding a webinar is easy. (1) Since a webinar is dependent on the internet, all the participants must have access to it and should have good connectivity. (2) Before you conduct the webinar, you need to prepare strong, useful, composite visual and verbal materials that are required by the audience to be sure your message will be understood.
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    Consider, also, arranging to get information from marketing companies, technicians, or suppliers, using the webinar method -- contacting them to set up a webinar conference for your associates to meet online. Similarly if you have hired consultants to help you with your company’s growth or need them for competitive benchmarking, you can use the webinar to get the information presented to you, to understand them easily.


  • You may like to use professional consultants, for your using webinars, ones who are efficient at this and can provide their techniques. Many market research companies have some webinars ready to use and you can buy them for your own competitive benchmarking, using there software and copyrighted materials.
  • Methods that need to be considered:
    • Before you hold the webinar or use a readymade webinar, prepare and send an email explaining its use to the people who would be attending the webinar. The subjects and topics related to the same should be mentioned in it.
    • Set the date and time for the webinar and ask the participants to confirm their virtual attendance.
    • Identify your audience for whom the webinar has been prepared and inform your participants about its value and purpose.
    • When conducting the webinar make sure that everyone is online at the appointed time and then begin.
  • When holding the webinar, be direct and discuss necessary topics, using a presentation prepared specifically for this industry that can make the webinar more interesting and appealing.
  • You can either prepare a webinar or buy them from a market research company. It can help you discuss the relevant topics with your colleagues and provide competitive benchmarking so that you may be able to understand your company’s growth.


  • Webinar should be brief and on a special point.
  • Try to avoid boring information by presenting your webinar topic in a diagram, PPT, etc.

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