How to Arrange Furniture Around a Fireplace

A fireplace can add a wonderful warmth and ambience to a living room, and nearly always provides a dramatic focal point regardless of placement. Therefore, learning how to arrange furniture around a fireplace is key for 2 reasons. First, it allows family members and guests to enjoy the fire's warmth at a comfortable distance, and secondly it ties the fireplace's role as a focal point into your d├ęcor. Presented below are some of the crucial considerations regarding the placement of furniture around a fireplace.


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    Choose a location for your favorite seating element. The placement of the most-used seating element, be it a sofa or armchair, is most important. Position the seating at a distance from the fireplace that allows for a comfortable level of heat on a chilly night. Ideally, the seating should be placed parallel to the fireplace, which will help reinforce its role as a focal point.
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    Arrange your remaining seating. After positioning your favorite seating element, the remaining chairs can be arranged based on your preferences. Strive the keep all chairs at a comfortable distance to the fire.
    • The way the seats are arranged with respect to each other will depend on your intended use of the space. For promoting conversation, seats should be faced inwards and towards each other. For watching television together, seats will tend to face in one direction.
    • The distance between different seating elements can promote different types of interaction. Closely spaced chairs are ideal for intimate conversation, while wider spacing is more suited to entertaining groups of friends who need space to move about.
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    Position tables only after seating elements are in place. Because the positioning of tables, credenzas, shelves, and other storage elements do not affect the comfort level achieved through the fireplace, their locations should be decided only after positioning chairs and sofas.
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    Keep lighting from detracting from the fireplace's ambience. When arranging lamps, make sure that you accommodate the fireplace's light into your lighting scheme. A bright lamp placed right by the fireplace can deaden the lively and welcoming appearance of the flames, for example. Instead, position lamps away from the fireplace, and allow for a relatively low-light setting in which the fireplace can feature prominently.
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    Reconcile the entertainment center with the fireplace. Most living rooms with fireplaces will also play host to the television and other entertainment center components. Your goal should be to keep the television from becoming its own visual focal point, which will detract from the beauty of the fireplace and make the room feel less focused.
    • A convenient way to place the TV is by hanging it on the wall directly over the fireplace. This resolves 2 potentially competing focal points into one.
    • Hiding the television behind the doors of an attractive media cabinet is another way to keep the electronic equipment from competing with the fireplace.


  • If you're having trouble tying your fireplace's style into your overall decorating style, consider the use of accessories to blend the 2 styles harmoniously. Accessories like hearth rugs, fire screens, fireplace tools, and log baskets are available in a variety of different appearances.


  • Avoid positioning any seating elements with their backs directly facing the fireplace. This can visually obscure the fireplace as well as make for an uncomfortable sitting experience.

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