How to Arrange Bathroom Towels

Three Methods:Hanging Your TowelsRolling Your TowelsStacking Your Towels

The best way to arrange your bathroom towels largely depends on the colors you choose and the overall mood of your bathroom. There are a few basic arrangement techniques that can be adapted for almost any color or style, however. Hanging your towels is often the most practical and most common method. Setting your towels out in rolled arrangements is more pleasing aesthetically, but less practical. Folding your towels balances practicality with aesthetics.

Method 1
Hanging Your Towels

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    Keep your towels handy. Hang bar racks and wall rings where you know you’ll need a towel.
    • Tuck a metal towel ring behind your bathroom cabinet, directly across from your sink, and store a hand towel or washcloth there.
    • Install bar racks beneath your counter top that houses your sink, and hang your hand towels there.
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    Hang your attractive stylish colorful bath towels in your Bath areas and give an immaculate view, which attracts your guests.
    • Position a bar rack directly next to your shower or above your bathtub. Arrange your body towels on that rack, so that anyone stepping out of the shower has quick access to a towel.
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    Save space with a double-bar towel rack. If you have a relatively small bathroom or if you simply do not want to clutter the space with towels, a double-bar rack allows you to reduce the amount of room your towels take up. These racks have two bars: the first bar is positioned higher and against the wall and the second bar is lower and extends further out. The extra bar allows you to hang twice as many towels in virtually the same space.
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    Hide your towels away by hanging them on the back of the door. This method is another alternative for individuals with limited bathroom space and those seeking to minimize clutter. The towels essentially share the same space your door uses, so they are not taking up much room. Moreover, when your door is open, the towels remain hidden altogether.
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    Put up hooks. Bar racks are the most common fixture used to hang towels, but hooks are just as functional and do not require you to fold your towels before hanging them. You can either customize the number of hooks you need by hanging individual hooks on the wall or opt for a “coat rack” style fixture, which consists of multiple hooks fixed onto a single board.
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    Drape them over the rungs of a ladder. If you have the space, prop a tall wooden ladder against one wall of your bathroom to introduce a touch of rustic, artistic flair. Hang your towels along the middle and upper rungs.
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    Hang your towels on hangers. This option works especially well for a guest bathroom, since the hangers can be easily moved from the bathroom to the bedroom as needed. Hang full towel sets on the hanger, including a body towel, hand towel, and washcloth. Hangers with metal clips may help hold the towels in place.

Method 2
Rolling Your Towels

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    Tuck them away into their own cubby holes. Position a large, open cabinet with multiple cubby holes against one wall of the bathroom. Reserve several of the cubby holes for towels. You can either organize the towels by giving each family member his or her own cubbyhole—in which case, each would store a body towel, hand towel, and washcloth—or you would store the towels away by type—one cubbyhole for body towels, one for washcloths, and so on.
    • In the remaining cubby holes, you can store additional bathroom necessities.
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    Set them out in a bin or large punch bowl. Storing rolled hand towels and washcloths a glass bin or bowl gives your bathroom the ambiance of a relaxing spa or hotel, especially if you use white or ivory towels. Arrange them artistically, so that the tops of each towel peek out from the bowl, instead of merely stacking the towels inside.
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    Tie them with a satin ribbon and let them sit on the countertop. If these towels are for a guest bathroom, you can add a welcoming touch of elegance by tying your rolled towels together with a glossy satin ribbon. White or pastel ribbons have the most soothing effect and, therefore, are generally most suitable for the bathroom. The ribbons also catch your guests’ eyes, making it easy for them to locate the towels they need.
    • Pile the rolled towels up in a miniature pyramid. Place two towels on the bottom and one on top, centered between the other two.
    • For an additional artistic spin, you can place the towel pyramid atop a small square mirror.
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    Place rolled towels in a basket. The principle is similar to placing rolled towels inside a glass bowl. Instead of a sterile spa environment, however, placing your towels in wicker baskets creates a country-style setting. Tying a bow on the basket is a simple way to further decorate the towel space without making it difficult to unroll the towels.

Method 3
Stacking Your Towels

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    Fold your towels and sit them on a vintage chair, table, or bench. If you have the space, a rustic, antique surface makes a quaint decoration and a convenient surface to arrange your towels on. Neatly pile your towels atop the chair, arranging them from largest to smallest.
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    Put up glass-front towel cabinets. Select either a low cabinet that sits on the ground or a high cabinet that must be nailed to the wall. By opting for a cabinet with a glass front, you can store your spare towels while simultaneously using them as decorations. Piles of crisp white towels can make your bathroom look cleaner and more refreshing, while piles of colorful towels can introduce contrast and vibrancy into the space.
    • You can also arrange the towels you presently need on top of the cabinet.
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    Use a small bookshelf if you have a large enough bathroom. A bookshelf is functional and introduces a bit of visual interest into the room, since you would not typically expect to see one in a bathroom. Plus, a bookshelf pays homage to the idea of having “reading material” in the bathroom; though, whether you choose to include such material is entirely up to you. Pile your largest towels on the bottom shelves and your hand towels and washcloths on the mid-range shelves for easy access.
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    Hide your towels away in a decorative or practical container. If you prefer to keep your towels out of sight, you can arrange them inside a more decorative surface, like a large, lidded wicker basket. You can also introduce a more functional piece into the room, like a window bench or vanity seat with built-in storage.


  • Keep in mind that your family or your guests will need to use the towels eventually. That being the case, you may want to plan out a way of arranging your extra towels in storage, along with whatever towels are presently being used.
  • Select a method of arranging your towels that matches the overall mood you want your bathroom to have. For instance, folding your towels and sitting them on the seat of a vintage chair would work well in a vintage-style bathroom, but would likely look out of place in a bathroom decorated according to modern or contemporary principles.

Things You'll Need

  • Towels
  • Bar racks
  • Wall rings
  • Hooks
  • Ladder
  • Hangers
  • Cubby holes
  • Glass bowl
  • Satin ribbon
  • Wicker basket
  • Square mirror
  • Vintage chair
  • Glass-front cabinet
  • Bookshelf
  • Window bench

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