How to Argue Online Using Argumentum

The Internet is a treasure trove of human discussion, with arguments raging across millions of forums, blogs and social networks. How can a single netizen make an impact in this vast compendium of human thought? That is the subject of this article..


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    Sign in to Argumentum, one of a myriad of places to argue online, and one that is geared towards fierce group arguing. You don't need to "register," but can instead sign in with an existing google, Facebook or twitter account to get started.
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    Now that you're signed in to Argumentum, choose an argument then click on 'New' at the top of the page. You will see an input field with the text "enter proposition here...". Click in the field and enter something you support or oppose.
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    Type up your argument. This should bring up a text area where you can write out the reason that you oppose or support the proposition you entered above. This reason is called your argument. Go ahead and type up an argument and click the button "-> submit argument"
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    Share your permalink for your 'argument'. Now you are at the permalink page for your argument. You can share the URL of this page with anyone who you think is interested in the topics touched on by your argument. Alternatively enter their email in the box on the right, to directly send them your argument and invite them to join in. Don't forget to tag your argument in the form at the top, so that more people will be exposed to what you have to say.
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    Now click on the blue link with the text of your proposition. You will be taken to a page where you can see the various arguments that people have made regarding this particular proposition. The bar to the left of each argument will be red if the arguer in question opposed the proposition, and green if he/she supported it. If you just created this proposition, then it is likely that yours will be the only argument listed. Follow the above methods to spread and share your argument, and to get more people to respond.
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    Now, click the purple react button next to any arguer's name (or yours). You will be taken back to the permalink page for that argument. If you are signed in, you will see "comment" and "follow-up" links at the bottom of the argument. Click "comment" if you have a short response to an argument, or click "follow-up" if you have a longer, serious response.
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    Find a point in the argument that you disagree with and select some text representing that point. Paste this text into the light blue "quote" field. If you chose "follow-up" then you have to enter a new proposition that you either support or oppose, and a new argument.. just like you did at the beginning of this tutorial. If you chose comment, go ahead and type in what you have to say.
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    Click submit, and wait for a reply (it will come by email, Facebook notification or twitter message depending on how you signed in to Argumentum).

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  • Google, Facebook or twitter account

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