How to Approach Your Beauty Regime During Pregnancy

Model's Direct thought some pregnant readers may like read our 'pregnancy' beauty tips.


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    Take care of Dry skin. Your skin may become drier in the later stages of pregnancy and it may affect various areas of your body. To help to combat dryness try to stick with cooler showers and baths than you did prior to pregnancy, using mild, gentle cleansers, soaps or shower gels. For excessive dryness try using a natural skin scrub, such as a loofah, or a soft facial brush. Keep showers and baths short and always follow with a good moisturiser. Stay hydrated with plenty of filtered or bottled water, glass bottles are best as there are currently fears about chemicals found in plastic bottles seeping into the contents.
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    Don't use chemicals on your skin. Acne treatments, antibiotic treatments and skin creams that contain derivatives of vitamin A should not be used during pregnancy. To cleanse your skin effectively, again consider a soft facial brush with a chemical free facial cleanser. Ideally you can make your own cleanser - oatmeal mixed with natural yogurt (1:1) can be very affective for most skin types. You could also try refreshing cucumber and pineapple pulp or moisturising crushed avocado flesh. Just apply and rinse as you would your usual cleanser. Avoid using soaps on your face as they may contain emollients that can block pores. If your skin becomes greasy during pregnancy try using blotting papers to soak up excess oils.
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    Take good care of your hair. A low maintenance hair style is a good idea during pregnancy but this doesn’t have to mean having your hair cut short, you can always find ways to lift your hair into a pretty ‘up do’. There are many accessories that can help you to maintain an easy to manage but feminine style! Use clips, slides and hair bands to achieve an instantly manageable look that is practical for you. Consult a professional stylist for advice on cuts and how to use accessories effectively. It is generally felt that colouring is a bad idea during pregnancy.
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    Invest in some good quality eyelash curlers, a great Models Direct tip! Some women find that their lashes aren’t as full during pregnancy but using curlers can really enhance what you do have, and help to open up those tired eyes! Keep your make up simple and go for products that are as natural as possible. A tinted moisturiser, concealer, mascara, blush and neutral gloss are all you should need to look gorgeous.

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