How to Appreciate Your Introverted Self

If you’d ever done a personality test, you’d probably come across some of the terms introvert, extrovert, and ambivert. These terms are what mostly define your personality and illustrate the majority of the traits you have. For instance, if you prefer solitary activities over social ones you fall in the introverted side of the spectrum. Every person is different, but you might not feel comfortable with being introverted. Here's how to appreciate your personality.


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    Be grateful for the fun that comes with your personality type. Can you relate to a time when an hour went by sitting on the couch but also traveling through your imagination to a different planet or building a whole new life for yourself? Your answer is probably a strong affirmative ‘yes’. This happens to everyone, but when you’re an introvert your imagination is more intense and your visualization is much clearer.
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    Celebrate the fact that you have a strong ability to analyze what’s going on in your mind and soul and to observe your feelings closely. Introversion is defined as “the state of or tendency toward being wholly or predominantly concerned with and interested in one's own mental life”. You’re technically your own psychologist.
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    Know that although you may struggle to make friends, you already have strong and deep friendships that started years ago. For most introverts, trust is an issue of significance, a virtue of extreme importance, thus choosing trustful friends and partners usually takes more time and effort. But when they do find trustworthy companions, it’s almost impossible for anything to break them apart. Appreciate the existence of such precious relationships in your life, and be certain that yours is equally appreciated.
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    Accept that your unshaken focus and your fixed concentration is a gift that deserves to be cherished and cultivated. You know how you have the ability to get loads of work done and spend hours on the same task, never moving away till you finish it perfectly? Well that’s because you’re an introvert. Research has supported that introverts tend to focus on one task at a time but can guarantee finishing this task more professionally than a person who has the ability to finish the same task along with other tasks at the same time.[citation needed]
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    Understand that happiness is accomplished from things that are available to everyone and never limited to a specific type of people. Happiness derives from self-acceptance, gratitude, supportive surrounding environment, and having a sense of purpose. And in order to appreciate what you have, remember to be grateful for your super powers as an introvert. Remember that you are unique, thoughtful, and deep. Also remember that being an observer rather than a participant is nothing to be ashamed of because you have the ability to see more and think things through more thoroughly.

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