How to Appreciate Marilyn Manson

Many great philosophers and thinkers were mocked or hated in their time, people who think outside of the box often are. Our age is no different; great thinkers are mocked instead of revered, and one of those thinkers is the artist Marilyn Manson.


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    Obtain a Marilyn Manson CD. This may take effort, as some major big box stores like Wal-Mart and Target have banned Manson's CDs from being sold. Try a music shop, eBay, or borrow one from a friend. It's hard to say which one will be most important to you, the best thing to do is to look at each one carefully and see which one passes the best "vibe". Pick an album that feels right, even if your initially turned off by artwork or word phrasing. If this does not work, try Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals or Antichrist Superstar for a good introduction.
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    Find a quiet time when you will not be disturbed to listen to the entire album while reading its lyrics along with the song. Manson can be hard to hear, and reading the lyrics along with the singing will help you to hear the words.
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    Listen for story. In Manson's concept albums, the main character in the over-arching storyline is "Adam Kadmon", the androgynous alien/rockstar "Omēga", and "The Worm/Antichrist Superstar" on the Holy Wood, Mechanical Animals, and Antichrist Superstar albums, respectively. Manson reveals his message through the character's life, career, death, and eventual revival (check the MansonWiki's page on Holy Wood for the summary of the albums). It can be eye opening to listen from the prospective of the characters, but could also be disturbing to the listener, especially at intense moments. To get the full view of the story, the listener must pour through cryptic messages and symbols to line the songs up in a specific order, which luckily has been done for you.
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    Listen for musical experimentation. As of December 2006, any other CD is a work in itself and does not involve the character Adam. The Golden Age of Grotesque, for example, is an adventure into music, where the spoken word is not as important as the notes that are played. The musical style that prevails in this album is similar to a "Burlesque" type of music from the late 1920s. A much earlier album, Smells like Children is also an exploration into music with the focus on the obscene side of human nature. Manson's first album Portrait of an American Family is a fun, grotesque, deep look into American society. This album is not for those faint of heart, as its' lyrics tend to be on the vile side, but if you can stomach it, some of the music on the album is well worth listening to.
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    Read the lyrics for more information. In the lyrical booklets that come with the CDs there are certain passages that may be underlined or have symbolic marks. For example, on the song Kinderfeld on the Antichrist Superstar CD, certain passages will have names by them that are not said in the song, and Manson's voice will change as he sings them, suggesting conversation. It's then up to the listener to decide what that conversation means. In The Fight Song on the Holy Wood album, there is a well known quote by Joseph Stalin: The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is just a statistic. Knowing the context of a song helps the listener understand the significance of the music, and better appreciate the artist's goals.
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    Analyze and interpret, study Manson's music, and soon you will realize what a truly brilliant mind he has, and will be thankful for the music he creates, and for the ideas that have provoked a new era of thought in your brain.


  • Try reading Manson's autobiography "The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell".
  • Remember that every album is different, know that each era will be a completely new idea that if analyzed correctly may shock or confuse you.
  • Watch interviews with him on websites like YouTube. Try to understand the hidden meanings and metaphors he uses, and try to apply this to his song lyrics.
  • Never take any word, punctuation mark, or misprinting at face value. For example in the Antichrist Superstar lyrics there is a notation indicating a live portion of a song was recorded Valentine's day 1997, but the album was created in 1996.
  • If you find that you do not like Manson's music, try reading the lyrics before you listen to the song, it may help you to better enjoy it.


  • People may say you're weird, or satanic, don't take this personally. Not everyone can appreciate such smart, meaningful music.
  • If you live with closed minded parents or siblings, it would be better if you don't let his albums blast in your room. If they ask if they can hear some, show them Nobodies, his cover of Tainted Love, Sweet Dreams, Putting Holes in Happiness, Personal Jesus, and The Beautiful People. This may vary from household to household, so use you're best judgment.
  • The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche assaulted Christianity and religion in general in his book, The Antichrist(1895). Manson's album Antichrist Superstar pulls many ideas from this book[citation needed], thus people who are religious should avoid this album until they are more familiar with Manson's work.

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