How to Appreciate College Football

You wonder what all the hype is about for college football games. It's similar to the NFL (National Football League), however, because college football comes from universities and colleges, it's about personal school and individual pride.


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    Wear school colors or something with their school name, logo, or motto. Whether it's a shirt, jacket, baseball cap, or a football noodle to carry around - it's showing support one way or another.
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    Know the players and coach of the team. Feel free to associate players with their numbers.
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    Go to a game in person.
    Since it's a college game, there ought to be more supporting students and fans than anyone else. Bring a friend with you and have fun throwing confetti when your team scores.
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    Acknowledge the fact that these players have a chance to be drafted in the NFL . The guys are widely recognized by their statistics and plays.
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    Learn the history of the game. Read books, do research on the Internet, buy old back magazines, read school media guides and game programs. Do what you can to learn the heritage and tradition of this great American Institution.


  • If you're not a football fan, try to see if you're interested in becoming a fan or spectator of another sport like baseball or the Olympics.


  • When visiting an opponent's state, please be courteous and don't flash any attire or accessories from your state - especially on game day.

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