How to Apply to SUSI in Ireland

SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is the office responsible for processing student grants in the Republic of Ireland. There are two types of grants that this office offers. They are maintenance and course fees. You may qualify for one, both or none depending on your situation. SUSI offers grants to those participating in PLC, level 6, level 7 and level 8 courses.


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    Go to
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    Scroll down and click on the Eligibility Reckoner. The eligibility reckoner allows you to get a general idea of what you may receive from a grant.
    • If you may be eligible, proceed with your application.
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    Create an account. You can create an account by going to
    • This is not a grant application. A SUSI account is required to apply for a grant.
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    Click on Apply Here. This will begin your application process.
    • Apply here can be found beside the Eligibility Reckoner.
    • This button will appear in the month of April when SUSI opens.
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    Submit your application.
    • Make sure that the information is correct. If SUSI receives false information they will request more information and the process will be extended. This may delay your payments.
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    Complete the SUSI forms. After a couple of weeks from your online application, SUSI will send you forms to complete to confirm your household income.
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    Complete your final course acceptance form. If your application has been successful and you have chosen a course, complete the final course acceptance form.
    • This application is displayed as FCA on the SUSI site.
    • If you have applied through the CAO and have allowed the CAO to send information to SUSI, you will not need to complete a final course acceptance form.


  • If you only have one parent in your life, you can click 'other' in your application.


  • The longer you take to apply the longer it will take for your payments to start.
  • You must be living in Ireland or the EU for more than 3 years to qualify for a grant.

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