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One thing you might be wondering when you clicked on this article is: what is strobing? Strobing is a recent makeup trend used to achieve a very dewy look by applying highlighter around the highest points of your face, or the points of your face that you want to stand out. What makes strobing different than just highlighting and contouring is the amount of highlighter used as well as the usual lack of face contour or bronzer. Are you ready to see how you can achieve this glowing look? Well, read on!


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    Start off by preparing the face for any makeup you intend on applying. Apply a gentle face cleanser to get off any excess residue or unwanted oils. Then, apply moisturizer to add back those essential, helpful oils and avoid drying out the skin. An optional step that many people recommend is primer, because it helps you minimize your pores, avoid cakiness, and achieve longer lasting foundation. Use a mattifying primer if you have combination or oily skin, especially since it's important to stay matte for this tutorial (matte skin = non oily skin).
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    Apply your foundation. Use 1-2 layers, because if you apply any more you might start to identify cakiness on the face. If you have more problematic or acne prone skin, you probably want to use a more medium to high coverage foundation. If your skin is generally clear (lucky you!) you can probably get away with a lighter coverage foundation or BB cream.
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    Apply concealer (optional). You might want to do this step if you have any blemishes/facial impurities that still haven't gotten fully covered from your foundation. If you're covering dark circles, you can use the triangle method (this means taking concealer slightly lighter than your skin tone and applying it in a triangular fashion on your dark circles). Blend with a clean ring finger or any makeup brushes you might have.
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    Strobe the face. Take your favorite highlighter, (an often shimmery powder or cream lighter than your actual skin tone) and apply it in these specific places: on the brow bone, in the inner corners of the eyes, above both eyebrows, on your cheekbones, on the bridge of your nose, above your cupids bow, and your chin. Blend in circular motions with an angular fluffy brush, or again just with a clean finger.
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    Apply the rest of your regular makeup as desired, (lip color, eyeshadow, false lashes, mascara, etc.), and enjoy your dewy look.


  • A minimal amount of bronzer or contour is allowed, but make sure its minimal. If you want a more sculpted look, check out the article Apply Contour Makeup instead.
  • If you have very oily skin, be sure to use both matte primer and foundation to ensure that you look dewy, not oily. Regardless of skin type, it's also best to set your look with either a setting spray or powder.

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