How to Apply Stick Deodorant

Two Parts:Getting ReadyApplying Stick Deodorant

While applying stick deodorant is not a complicated procedure, there is a correct way to accomplish it without causing too much of a mess. Stick deodorant is popular in the United States, but other countries favor sprays, gels, or no deodorant at all. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies deodorant as a cosmetic designed to eliminate or mask odor with fragrance.[1]

Part 1
Getting Ready

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    Choose a stick deodorant. Go shopping and decide which brand of stick deodorant and which fragrance is best for you.
    • If you are buying stick deodorant for work or playing sports, you might want to consider an unscented deodorant to avoid offending anybody with a strong fragrance.
    • Read the label to make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients.
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    Wash your armpits. Before applying the stick deodorant, either take a shower or wash your armpits thoroughly to freshen up. Dry with a towel so that the deodorant will roll onto your skin smoothly without smearing.
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    Dress first. Deodorant is known to streak on clothes, therefore, it is better to roll the deodorant under your armpit after you get dressed.
    • Although this might wrinkle your clothes a little bit that is more acceptable than walking around all day with white streaks on your shirt.

Part 2
Applying Stick Deodorant

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    Unwind or pull off the deodorant cap. As with most cosmetic products, deodorant containers come with a tight cap that requires you to unwind it or pull it off.
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    Remove plastic casing. There is often a special seal located under the cap and firmly on top of the deodorant stick that needs to be removed before use.
    • The actual deodorant stick is made from alcohol, which needs to remain moist. A tight plastic casting keeps the stick moist and avoids evaporation.
    • Sometimes you need to turn the dial on the bottom of the deodorant container until the plastic cap pops off.
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    Apply deodorant evenly to the underarm region. Apply the deodorant at the center of your armpit, working your way outward in all directions until your underarm is completely covered. Reapply throughout the day as needed.
    • Raise the deodorant stick high enough above the container so that you do not rub your skin up against the protective plastic covering.
    • Make it easy on yourself by using the opposite hand to apply the deodorant to each of your armpits.
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    Replace the cap and put the deodorant away. Otherwise the stick will dry up without the cap on and you will no longer be able to use it.


  • Try not to overuse deodorant, many people do not like a heavy fragrance radiating from other people. If possible, buy antiperspirant if you plan on working out.
  • Similar to other personal care products, your body can build resistance to deodorant making it less effective. Therefore, make sure you switch brands frequently.


  • If you experience discomfort or get a rash, stop using the deodorant and see a dermatologist.

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