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Two Parts:Preparing Your EyesApplying the Rainbow Shades

While it is not an everyday look, rainbow eyeshadow is a showstopper for a special party or event. It is fun, girl-like, otherworldly all at once, and it is even easy to apply.

Part 1
Preparing Your Eyes

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    Moisturize around your eye area and on the eyelids. Put a little foundation and powder on the eyelids to achieve an even base––these additions will ensure the shadows don't fade too quickly.
    • Use a thin coat of neutral primer if you need prolonged use; this will ensure that your eyeshadow stays on all day and night if you're out late.

Part 2
Applying the Rainbow Shades

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    Apply pink eyeshadow and dab it out towards the center of the lid. You don't have to use pink; you can start with any color you want. Just make sure the next color you apply can fade into the next.
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    Apply the next color (orange) right next to the first, beginning to blend the two.
    • Dab the eyeshadow application brush onto a paper towel between two colors, so the colors do not blend on the brush.
    • Tap your brushes off first before applying each of the next eyeshadows, so you don't get fallout on your cheeks.
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    Apply a yellow eyeshadow on top of where the orange has begun to fade. Fade the yellow slightly further along the eyelid.
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    Apply a strip of green eyeshadow onto the yellow eyeshadow. Fade the color a little further along the eyelid.
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    Apply a strip of blue eyeshadow slightly onto the green. Fade that almost to the outer corner of your eyelid.
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    After you've applied the eyeshadow, check the result in the mirror. Use your application brush to neatly blend the colors together at the joins between the colors.
    • To get the most seamless effect possible between colors, use a clean brush, or even a clean finger to lightly mix the colors together. This will create new colors to ease the transition.
    • If you think a color does not look bright enough, simply go back and repeat a step until you're satisfied.
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    Finish by using eyeliner or mascara. It's time to match your outfit!
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  • Don't be afraid to experiment. There are no hard rules of makeup except for a few obvious ones (like matching your foundation to your skin). Otherwise, fashion would never evolve and it is always evolving!
  • Apply an eyebrow powder or pencil to darken your eyebrows and to create a dynamic contrast to your vibrant eyeshadow hues.
  • It is very important you use good quality makeup. Also, make sure the makeup does not fall under your eyes while you are out, and about!
  • When beginning your application, it is always good to have your makeup and supplies out and ready for use. It is crucial to use a good eyeshadow base.
  • To achieve other vibrant colors, consider dabbing the eyeshadow brush in water before you apply the shadow. Just be careful to not have too much water on the brush or the colors could go runny.
  • For the green/blue part of the rainbow, apply the eyeshadow with a thinner brush. You do not want to have excess eyeshadow and to get it in your eyes.
  • Have a few different brushes, preferably three: a pencil type brush, a blending or crease brush, and a larger highlight color brush. Make sure they are clean because dirty brushes can harbor germs and will make your eyeshadow colors appear muddy.
  • For a lighter rainbow look, do not be afraid to tone down the colors. If you are young and experimenting with makeup, prime with a neutral shadow.
  • If you don't want many people to see it then use lighter tones.

Things You'll Need

  • Face makeup
  • Red/pink eye shadow
  • Orange eyeshadow
  • Yellow eyeshadow
  • Green eyeshadow
  • Blue eyeshadow
  • Purple eyeshadow
  • Mascara (optional)
  • Eyeliner (optional)
  • Eyeshadow base (optional)

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