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Three Parts:Speeding Up Your Makeup RoutineQuick and Easy ChangesExample of a Fast Makeup Routine

Finding the time to apply your morning makeup is a well-known challenge. Here's a guide for working on a tight schedule. Whether you're looking for a light touch-up or a detailed routine, these tips will help you.

Part 1
Speeding Up Your Makeup Routine

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    Buy makeup in easy-to-use containers. Save time by selecting eyeliner pencils, lipstick, and similar "pick up and apply" makeup. When purchasing foundation and cream makeup, look for bottles with a squirt nozzle, instead of makeup in a bowl-shaped container.
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    Purchase the right tools. Using the proper brush or sponge will speed up application. Using your fingers is actually slower than using the appropriate application tool, which allows for quick final adjustments. Here are some examples of the best tools to use:
    • Foundation: Use a round blending sponge or a foundation brush.
    • BB and CC creams: These products blend easily, so a sponge pad or bare hands should work.
    • Other products: You can find a specialized brush for just about any purpose. Check out angled or stippled brushes for highlights and contouring, and use softer, rounder brushes for blush or blending.
    • If you don't mind spending some money, buy vibrating sponges that blend in the makeup as you go.
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    Organize your makeup. If you keep your makeup at home, line up the products in the order you put them on. If you keep everything in a make-up bag, store the products you use most near the top. Don’t waste time digging through your bag for your lipstick or wishing you had put that brush where it’s supposed to be.
    • If you have separate morning makeup and "touch up" makeup, store them in separate bags.
    • If you have a large makeup collection, set aside a separate area for products you only use on special occasions.
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    Turn quick makeup application into a habit. Put on makeup in the same order each day so it becomes an automatic process and you're relying more on muscle memory than active consideration. Work on one area of your face at a time, instead of bouncing around.
    • If you're seriously pinched for time in the mornings, practice this routine in your free time to work out the kinks and improve your speed.
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    Be smart about trying new products. Don't try a completely new style ten minutes before you leave the house. Whenever you test a new product or decide to switch up your look, pick a moment when you have plenty of time.
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    Consider a more natural look. If your daily routine still takes too much time, consider toning it down. While your style is up to you, most workplaces do not expect eyeshadow and detailed contouring every day. You might find that a pat of blush and a touch of lipstick are sufficient.
    • If you prefer not to skip your usual products, learn to apply them more lightly. This will save time on blending.
    • If you're looking for a middle ground, focus on your eyes and eyebrows. When these draw attention, you can afford to take a simple approach with your lips and contours.

Part 2
Quick and Easy Changes

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    Moisturize the night before. Depending on how dry your skin is, applying night cream before you sleep may be enough to last you through the next day.
    • If you live in a dry climate, consider running a humidifier in your bedroom.
    • This isn't possible for everyone. If the makeup won't apply evenly, or if your skin gets dry and scaly, go back to moisturizing.
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    Try using concealer as foundation. If you have healthy skin with only minor blemishes, you may be able to skip foundation altogether. Just apply a thin layer of concealer instead.
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    Switch to moisturizing lipstick. If you normally use a layer of lip balm or primer underneath your lipstick, switch to a lipstick that you can apply directly to dry lips. Creme lipsticks tend to be more moisturizing than matte lipstick.
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    Simplify your eye makeup. You have many product options for this part of your beauty routine. Explore a few of them to see if you can get away with a shorter process:
    • Kohl or eyeliner pencils are faster to apply than liquid eyeliner.
    • Mascara is faster than fake eyelashes.
    • If you normally go for a subtle eyeliner, consider skipping it altogether and curling your eyelashes instead.
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    Try a new eyeliner look. Applying eyeliner can be very time-consuming if you don't have a steady hand. Try eyelining the top of your eye, then "smoking" down the edges. You don't have to be as careful with this method, since you'll smooth out minor mistakes when you create the smoky look.
    • If you're already confident with eyeliner, winged eyeliner can be relatively quick. If you use liquid eyeliner, try creating a guide with an eyeliner pencil, then filling it in with the liquid.
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    Wait for excess mascara to dry. If you get mascara on your eyelids or cheeks, let it dry, then wipe it off with a cotton bud. Wiping it off while it's still wet can lead to a long chain of smudge correction.
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    Learn fast eyebrow techniques. Instead of filling in your eyebrow with powder or a brow pen, just brush on a brow gel or a light brown mascara. This can save you minutes each day.

Part 3
Example of a Fast Makeup Routine

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    Moisturize. Pick a moisturizer/sunscreen combination so you only have to rub in one product. Apply just a small dab so you don't have to wait for your skin to absorb it.
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    Cover with concealer. Apply a little more concealer than you usually would, skipping the foundation. Optionally, use a lighter concealer for the under eye area. Quickly set your concealer with a powder for a matte look that lasts longer.
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    Apply eyeshadow (optional). Brush on white shadow on your eyelids, under the crease. Apply light brown into the crease, blending well with the brown. Finish by blending in dark brown at the corner of your eye.
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    Apply thin mascara (optional). Avoid thick, clumpy mascara that you have to waste time cleaning up.
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    Put on lipstick. Pink or nude colors are generally more forgiving for a fast makeup session. Reds and other bold colors are more likely to look messy when applied in a hurry, as is lip liner.
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    Add finishing touches only if time permits. None of the suggested additions are necessary but could be added for special occasions or when you feel more confident with speedy application of makeup. If you have more time you could add blush, bronzer, or highlighter.


  • You know what wastes a lot of time? Worrying about whether it's perfect. Be confident in your style and find a look that you love.
  • Some people manage to quickly apply and blend products with just their fingers. This works best if you're going for a light layer of makeup, since your hands will absorb some of the product.
  • If you are late for work or slow at applying makeup, just put on a bit of concealer and mascara, or don't bother with makeup at all.


  • Don't rush your makeup too much. It's better to be makeup-free than apply makeup messily.

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