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Barbie makeup can be a fun for a costume. It can also be great for a party or event if you want your face to look flawless. It takes awhile to apply Barbie makeup successfully, as there are many layers of foundation, highlighter, and primer to apply. With a little time and patience, you'll have a beautiful Barbie doll look to show off to friends and family.

Part 1
Applying Face Makeup

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    Remove all your makeup. To start, you want to cleanse your face. Beginning with leftover makeup on your face can affect the look of freshly applied makeup. To begin your Barbie look, use makeup remover to remove any leftover makeup. Then, wash your face with fresh water and an antibacterial soap to leave it clean and fresh for your Barbie look.[1]
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    Moisturize. Once you've removed your makeup and washed your face, apply a moisturizer. A quality moisturizer will prevent your skin from looking rough under the makeup.[2]
    • Make sure to massage the moisturizer deeply into your skin. Just buffing moisturizer on can cause makeup to slide off.
    • It's a good idea to use a moisturizer that contains SPF. Sun protection every day is important to keeping your skin healthy, but you may sometimes forget the added step of sunscreen. Having SPF embedded in your regular moisturizer can help.[3]
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    Start off with primer. Once you've washed and moisturized, you can begin applying your makeup. To start, massage a layer of primer onto your face. As you want doll-like looking skin, do not worry about the primer looking overdone or caked on. For Barbie makeup, you actually want your skin to look somewhat fake and exaggerated. Normally, you may just target discolored areas with primer. For Barbie makeup, however, you should apply a layer of primer to your entire face.[4]
    • You can dab primer on your skin in dots and then massage it into your face. You can use your fingers to work primer over your skin. You can also use a clean makeup brush.
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    Use highlighter. Highlighter is important to the flawless Barbie doll look. After applying primer, use highlighter to brighten a few key areas in your face.[5]
    • Add a dot of highlighter to the following places: underneath the outer end of your eyebrow, in the corner of each eye, on the tip of your nose, just above your upper lip, and on the top of each cheekbone.
    • Take a makeup brush and blend the highlighter into your face until it looks smooth. Your face should look brighter and younger now.
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    Start contouring by highlighting your face with light foundation. Barbie has a very specific facial structure that you can emulate with the use of contouring. To start, you'll use concealer to highlight certain areas of your face.[6]
    • Choose the lightest foundation you have. Use a small tipped makeup brush to apply foundation to the bridge of your nose. Add a dab to your chin, about half an inch below your bottom lip. Then add two dabs to the corners of your mouth.
    • Add two large circles of foundation underneath your eyes, as well as on the outer corners of your eyes. Then, add two lines of foundation running down your jawlines. Add some foundation between your eyebrows, as well as your lower forehead.
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    Shade highlighted areas with a darker foundation. Once you've applied the lighter shade, you can begin the shading process. Take a darker shade of foundation. Something with a brownish tone works. You can use this to shade the brightened areas.[7]
    • Draw a line of the darker foundation just below your bottom lip. Then, add another dab below the line of brighter foundation on your chin.
    • Add two lines of darker foundation on either side of your nose, as well as around the nostrils.
    • Add some dark foundation to your temples.
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    Blend. Once you've applied your dark and light layers of foundation, you can blend. Use a makeup sponge to dab the contoured makeup into your skin. Use gentle, patting motions as you move the sponge around your face. Keep dabbing until all the makeup has blended into your skin. You should not notice any caked on or bumpy patches. Your face should look smoother and more defined.[8]

Part 2
Doing Your Eyes

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    Define your crease with a darker pink or purple shade. Barbie's makeup is usually somewhat exaggerated, so you want to choose dramatic and girlish colors for your eyes. Your crease is the indented area between your eyelid and the curve of your brown bone. You'll want to color this area with a darker shade of pink or purple. There is no super specific rule for color here. Simply pick a dark, girlish color you like.[9]
    • Dab a small makeup brush in your chosen eye shadow. Swipe the brush back and forth along the crease in slow, steady motions. Keep going until you have a visible line of your chosen color blended into the crease.
    • Feel free to mix colors. If you want something slightly darker or slightly lighter, experiment with adding another shade. You can mix several colors as long as you stick to colorful shades. You do not want to use a beige or nude shade, as Barbie always has somewhat dramatic eye shadow.
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    Add deeper colors to the outer lid. Once you have your crease done, you can add eye shadow to your outer eyelid. Add a similar, but somewhat darker, color to your outer eyelid near the corner of your eye. Use a make up brush to make small, circular motions as you color your outer lid in a darker shade.[10]
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    Color your lower lash line. For this step, you'll need to take a slightly darker shade of eye shadow. Take a smaller brush, like a corner brush. Dab it in a shade that's slightly darker. Stick to girlish colors, like a dark pink or purple. Run the tip of the brush along the bottom of your eye, just below the lash line. Make back and forth motions with the brush until your eye is outlined in a bright pink or purple shade.[11]
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    Dab a lighter shade on the rest of your lids using your finger. Once you have your eyes outlined, you'll want to get the rest of your eyelid colored. Choose a lighter shade that goes with the color scheme of the eye shadows you used to outline your eye. For example, if you were using purple, a light lavender would work.[12]
    • Dab your eyelid with your chosen shade until your full eyelid is covered.
    • Take a blending brush and swipe it across your eye. Go back and forth until the colors blend together and there are no uneven patches or drastic changes in color.
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    Add eyeliner. Eyeliner can really help your eyes look bigger and brighter, helping solidify the Barbie look. Take a liquid eyeliner. Using the brush that came with the eye liner, run the liner along the top of your lash line on your upper lid. Start at the inner corner of your eye and draw a line until your reach your outer corner.[13]
    • Go slowly here. It can be very easy to accidentally smudge eyeliner.
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    Highlight the inner corners of your eye. You want to make your eyes look bright, like Barbie's do. Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes can make them stand out more. Use a bright highlighter and a corner brush. Dab the corner brush in the highlighter and then apply to the inner corners of your eye.[14]
    • The idea is to encase your eye in something like a sidewards "V" shape. You'll want to apply highlighter just below your bottom lash line and then more just below your upper lash line.
    • Use somewhat circular motions as you apply, especially in the corners of your eye near your nose.
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    Do Barbie eye lashes. Barbie has distinct, dramatic eyelashes. You can use eyebrow makeup and brown or black eyebrow gel and liquid eyeliner to draw on doll-like eyelashes.[15]
    • Start with your bottom lashes. Dip your brush in the eyebrow gel. Then, draw on six to seven sideways lines jutting out of your bottom lash line. These should look like the drawn on eyelashes Barbie has. The lashes should get shorter as you get towards the inner eye.
    • Move onto your upper lashes. Add mascara to your natural eyelashes. Make sure your eyelashes are curled up slightly. You can push them up using the tip of your corner brush in order to make them more pronounced.
    • Then, take your liquid liner. Draw a series of slanted lines across your lash line. They should run from your upper lash line to the curve of your brown bone. When you're finished, you should look like you have painted on eyelashes similar to Barbie's.

Part 3
Finishing Up

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    Apply dramatic blush. Barbie is known for her bright cheeks. Therefore, the blush you use to emulate Barbie should be fairly dramatic. Choose a very bright pink shade of blush that you would not use everyday. Take a large make up brush and sweep the blush on your cheeks, running from the apples of your cheeks to the indent of your cheek bones. Sweep the blush on in sideways, back and forth motions.[16]
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    Place glittery highlighter over your blush. To solidify the dollish Barbie look, add some glittery highlighter to your blush. Swipe this just above where you applied your blush. Use the same back and forth, sideways motions to apply the highlighter.[17]
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    Line your lips. Barbie's lips are very defined, so you'll want to use lip liner. Take a somewhat neutral shade of lip liner. Run the liner across the top and bottom of your lip. You want to outline your lips in a thick layer of lip liner.[18]
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    Add a bright pink lipstick. Barbie has bright lips. Once you apply your lip liner, fill in your inner lips with a bright, pink lipstick. As with your blush, choose a dramatic shade. Rub the tip of the lipstick across your lips. Then, rub your lips together slightly so it disperses evenly throughout your lips.[19]
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    Apply lip gloss. A nice lip gloss can leave your lips looking shiny and somewhat plastic-like in appearance. This can help you look dollish, like Barbie. Apply lip gloss the same way you would apply lipstick. You should be left with bright, neat lips that look similar to the lips of a Barbie doll.[20]
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    Set your makeup with a spray. You want to keep your Barbie makeup intact, especially if you're going to an event like a costume party. Take a setting spray and hold it about a foot away from your face. Close your eyes and mist the spray all over your face. This should help your makeup stay on throughout the day.[21]

Things You'll Need

  • Makeup remover
  • Moisturizer with SPF
  • Primer
  • Highlighter
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Makeup brushes/sponges
  • Pink and purple eye shadow
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Bright pink lipstick
  • Bright pink blush
  • Lip liner


  • Make sure hands are clean before makeup application
  • Make sure that your foundation and concealers match your skin tone
  • Use clean makeup brushes

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