How to Apply Makeup for Prom

Makeup for a prom event should be elegant and glamorous. It's a very special occasion, so going to a lot of effort is well worth it. This article offers some suggestions for your prom night makeup look.


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    Clean your face and apply a primer. Make sure there's no makeup on your face left, then put on a primer to lock your makeup in place. If you wish, you can put on a moisturizer or a serum, but that's optional.
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    Put a skin colored eyeshadow on your whole lid and blend it. You want to create a smooth canvas and mask any veins or discoloration. Also,blend it well, so that you see no harsh edges.
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    In your crease, apply a peach and a bit of light brown mix, and blend. Your crease is the line you see with your eyes open/closed. If you have a monolid/hooded eyes (a.k.a you can't see the crease with your eyes open), apply it above, so that it is visible. Blend it well! Blending is key here; no harsh edges are allowed.
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    Get a dark brown and put it in the outer area of your eye. It is the farthest point of your lid and extends up to the crease/fake crease. Then blend it in,bringing the color inside the lid. Again,blend it really well.
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    Put some white eyeshadow in the tear duct (the part where the eye ends in the left) and on the browbone (the area below the brows) and blend. Try to avoid shimmery whites because they don't look good in photos.
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    Put a light peach/peachy white all over where there's no other eyeshadow except the base one and blend it other colors. Don't over blend, because you'll lose the intensity.
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    Clean the fallouts under the eyes. Clean them with a fan brush (a special type of brush that looks like a fan) or makeup remover wipes (normal wet wipes are too harsh on the skin).
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    Apply foundation. This step is optional. Place a dot on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and blend with a brush, your fingers or a beauty sponge. Don't use normal sponges. Blend it down the neck too and make sure the foundation matches your skin tone. Don't use a darker/lighter one.
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    Put concealer under your eyes and any redness or acne spots. Put a little dot (if it's liquid) or a little line/spot (if it's solid) and blend it with fingers, brushes or beauty sponges.
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    Use a setting powder. Load it on your brush, then shake it a few times to remove excess, then lightly dust it all over your face. You can use a setting spray, if you wish, but the powder gives some coverage.
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    Use a blush and bronzer, if you wish. Load the blush on a brush, shake off the excess, then put it on the apples of the cheeks (the area where you normally blush) and blend (if it's in a gel form, put a dot on the cheeks and blend with a kabuki brush (a type of brush)). For bronzer, put it in the areas where the sun normally hits. (Make a three form, starting from the sides of the forehead, to the part below the apples (the cheekbone) and down the chin). You can also contour your nose.
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    Apply lipstick. It can be in any shade,ranging from nudes to vampy reds. You choose! If you wish,you can apply lip gloss,too! Try to put it in the center, to create the full lips effect. Only stay within your lips, don't overdraw them or you'll look like a clown.
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  • Do your makeup after you've done your hair and put on your dress.

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