How to Apply Makeup for a Dinner Meeting

Do you want to look hot and beautiful for your next dinner date? Follow these steps to apply makeup for your night out!


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    Feel fresh. Before applying the needed makeup, make your face and body feel fresh, and ready to spend the whole night enjoying your date with no problem. Try using some natural remedies or having a long, warm shower.
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    Get your skin looking good. Start by applying moisturizer, then primer which will help your makeup last all night without the worry of having to re-apply. Then follow with applying a shimmer free foundation with a sponge or brush which matches your skin tone, or, use your own favorite foundation, or even no foundation at all if you have lovely skin naturally. Tinted moisturizers sometimes include sun block, you can try these if you like. They look good on many people and can help protect your skin from UV light damage. You might not want to try any makeup you have never used before prior to a dinner date. You might not get it on just right first time, it's up to you though.
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    Add concealer and setting powder if desired. Next, apply concealer under your eyes, around your lips and any other places where you need extra coverage, pimples, blemishes, scars or moles. Leave that beauty spot showing if you like and only hide your freckles if you want to. Blend the concealer with your ring finger as this will prevent you from poking your eye out with a brush. Next, set all your makeup so far with a translucent powder and a kabuki brush.
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    Apply your chosen brow makeup, if you like. You can choose a brow pencil which is a few shades darker than your hair shade. Fill in your brows using light feather strokes, and then blend out any harsh lines with a or brush, then just comb through your brows so that the brow hairs face all the same way.
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    Contour and highlight if required. Taking a matte brown or taupe eyeshadow, find the hollows of your cheeks by making a fish face. Using a kabuki or blush brush, take the shadow and by starting at the top of your cheek bone, follow the brush down your face until you reach a small distance away from the lips. Then, blend any harsh lines and follow on the other cheek. Also contour down the sides of your nose bridge and blend to reduce shiny or oily feeling of your complexion. Next, apply a highlighter or matte white eyeshadow onto you nose bridge, under your eyes and onto your forehead, if you feel the need.
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    Makeup your eyes if you want to. You can keep it simple. Apply a matte brown or taupe shadow to your lids and blend into your crease. Then keep building up the smokey effect with a darker more hazy colored shadow. Line your eyelash and water line to brighten up your eyes. Finally, add white shadow to your inner corners to make your eyes look bigger, or, do what you prefer. Think about what will be flattering in candlelight if your dinner date will be a romantic candle lit affair. Beware the fluorescent lighting of the fast food chain restaurant too, fingers crossed for candlelight though!
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    Finish up your eye makeup with mascara if you like. You can apply a thick mascara line to your upper and lower lashes after curling. Brown or black mascara may be your go to colors but grey can be nice if you want something a little different without heading into the out there territory of blue.
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    Get busy with the blusher brush. Add some flushing pink blush to the apples of your cheeks. Be careful not to apply too much, you don't want to look like a clown. Cream blushers that are applied with the tips of your fingers can look nice too.
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    Apply some color to your lips if you like. You can apply a nude lipstick to finish your look or any other color you like. This is a dinner date though so think about how well your lipstick will stay in place when you eat and drink. Consider a lip stain product and a really shiny lip gloss might not be a great idea, especially if you might be doing a little kissing at the end of the date.


  • Always remove all your makeup at night before you get into bed to sleep.
  • Try wearing your make up to match your outfit and that of your date(if you know what he is going to wear).
  • If you are wearing a shiny, designer and dark colored or fancy outfit consider wearing dark make up that suits you and if you are wearing a classy, not too flashy and light colored outfit, a light make up that suits you go best for it.
  • Get some accessories that match your outfit; like a bag or purse, brooch, bobby pins e.t.c
  • Have a make up artist or just a person who is good at it to avoid mistakes.

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